Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Peak Resort Dining : The Beauty From Above

The Peak
Jl. Desa Karyawangi Ciwaruga Km.6.8 No.388 
Bandung , Jawa Barat
Opening Hour : 11.00-24.00 

This is my no 1 favorite venue at Bandung . The first time i came here with my big family . uh it such a big no went to somewhere as sweet as The Peak with my family . How i hope going here with someone special in the future . But , my prayer hasn't being answered yet . But whatever , i do came here with my sweet companions .

I always thinks that The Peak is not only a fine dining restaurant but the Finest dining resort at Bandung . I remember how the first time i came here . I was blown away , how awesome this place was . And those awe-struck hasn't changed even a lil bit .Est since 1999 on the highest hills at Girindah region , Bandung.

I will expose the late afternoon mood makers first before the place sightings .

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Strawberry Yoghurt & Banana Shake

Red Velvet
Chicken Cordon Bleu ( 60k ) was yummy . I am a fan of chicken meals . And this one was surely satisfied me . Deep fried chicken with mozzarella cheese and BBQ sauce under the chicken . Inside was filled by rich fillings , super tasty . Crisp , and the fillings melted perfectly in my mouth . Heaven on the earth . The best cordon bleu i ever had . Also the vegetables were perfectly cooked , sweet and tasty . And the potatoes were just right . Everything on the plate were just right . perfect

Some people getting sick with those red velvet , rainbow cakes furors . Yes i am sick of rainbow cakes . In fact i hate them . But not with red velvet . The Peak's red velvet was fantastic . The tasted was similiar with the one i had at Mad For Garlic . The cake was smooth and that white cream which is i believe it was yoghurt cream because tasted so , is delicious . My friend who's not into these red velvet and rainbow cakes trends also ordered a slice of it . And she said it was delicious . And it's cheap , seriously as long as i remember it was only 25k .

Strawberry Yoghurt and Banana shake seems not good friends . Felt a little bit nauseated . The yoghurt was fresh yoghurt and i love it , but my friends who tried it and they who used to ate yoghurt in a cup were kinda not enjoyed my yoghurt *sniff . Banana shake itself was a disappointment . I don't know but I certainly didn't like the shake.

back to business 

Located at a height of 1230 m above the sea level where you can see the greatness of nature . How beautiful and outstanding the panorama offered by The Peak . Gently blown by the cool breeze , relaxing atmosphere strengthened by the romantic nuance that made me even more saddened me due to the being single lol kidding .

The place itself was classic , huge , made up for 3 floors ( correct me if i was wrong ) dominated by wooden interior mostly dark brown i don't know the name of those kind of woods . Mahogany ? and again correct me if i was wrong . Almost every tables were covered with white table cloth and the napkins that made in such a way shaped like a ship made from origami .

The Peak connoisseurs provided a lot of wines selections 

The first i saw when i stepped my foot here . Flowers :)

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