Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sam & Jolly - One Stop Sweet Delights

Ah , at last i had the chance to visiting this cute eatery which is a dessert specialist . Sam & Jolly also provides heavy meals such as oxtail soup , pasta , and a menu that kinda attracted my attention . The innovative yoghurt fried rice , but i won't bother to try it . Because i like to play safe and i was already full back then .

Sam & Jolly located just beside little thing she needs . I found it cute there were directions arrows that leads us directly to the shop . And i was shocked , why the hell Sam & Jolly was such a small eatery . But i was wrong . The outdoor was quite big and located just across Tribeca Park . You can see Patio and any others restaurants throughout the Tribeca.

The indoor was so cute . Sam & Jolly together with SourSally drew on the walls. The red telephone box drew my attention . But i prefer the outdoor . I felt that i could stay all day long there with those delicious yoghurt desserts . Yes it was a bliss since i am a yoghurt loving type. Big yay for me . As i opened the menu which is quite cute .. oh Sam & Jolly i am a fan already .

This is the first time i visited Sam & Jolly and all of sudden i already being in love with this place . colorful concept that didn't make your eyes hurt . Also i amazed how the designers of this place made this place so comfort . The golden Liberty statue  , hot air balloon , UK flag sofa ( correct me if i'm wrong ) , and the garden concept was simply brilliant . I don't know i just love it.

The menu itself was innovative and simply tempted you . The preview from the meals even made my full stomach asked for more . Also with many variety complete from appetizers - deserts . It took a quite a time for me to chose what to ordered . I wish i could eat them all . Then my choices went to :

Bread butter with stawberry Yo-stick with strawberry sauce ( IDR : 39.000 )
Came with a beautiful and neat presentation , made my appetite grew wilder . The raisins were crunch , a lil bit sour but sweet . The Strawberry Yo-stick was good but the strawberry or maybe cherry sauce , i'm not sure but it was too sour for me . Combined with bread butter . it was a sweet delight . If only the sauce was less sour it could be better . Because the Yo-stick itself already sour . The bread butter came in warm condition . When i ate it together with the Yo-stick and the bread. I knew it . I came to the right place .

Lava Mountain ( IDR : 45.000 )
Sam & Jolly exceeded my expectation . Another dessert came into a nice and neat presentation . Somehow i also found the desserts itself was cute beside the store . Yes , i'm quite babbled around about Chocolate molten cake , choco lava , whatever it called as my favorite dessert . So i was hoping much for this lava mountain to be good . Anyway i loved how they put apples and strawberry as their garnish . plus point from me . I started to had a full spoon of the cake . It was warm melted and condensed chocolate . The chocolate itself wasn't too sweet . More of dark chocolate characteristic , then i combined it with the plain Yo-stick and the strawberry sauce or cherry sauce ( again , i'm not sure ) it was blended beautifully . Also loved those astor biscuits pieces placed in the plate . How can i resist these sweet delights ? i am also getting fatter day by day *sigh

Green tea Yo-stick ( IDR : 27.000 )
It was my friend's . I prefer the plain one than the flavored Yo-stick . The Yo-stick was dipped to a ( maybe ) white chocolate liquid . That made the toppings attached with the Yo-stick . I loved that liquid thingy . And overall i loved this Yo-stick . Yo man , you guys should eat this rather than fattening ice cream.

Mango Berry Shake ( IDR : 32.000 )
A mixture from mango and strawberry which is obviously printed from the name . Refreshingly sweet drink . If only the Yo-stick was completely sweet . i might had already threw up because nauseated .

Overall , i was having a pleasant and good times killing at Sam & Jolly . The services was also nice . The waitress was explaining to us . How to get a free Yo-stick ( i love free stuffs ) and i did it . i got free Yo-stick . I chose to have a plain Yo-stick with cha cha chocolate , mini cocoa as its topping . Loving the atmosphere and the ambiance . Relaxing place . And the wind was calmly blowing . I am so looking forward for my next visit trying their heavy meals . maybe i'll get myself trying their yoghurt fried rice . Thanks Sam & Jolly . and wow this is the longest review i ever wrote :)

Sam & Jolly 
Central Park Mall Level UG
Jl. S Parman Kav. 28
West Jakarta


  1. ini pernah km masukin or bukan? kayaknya pernah liat hehehe

    1. pernah . aku copas aja dr blog ku hahaha.. liat aja tikkk :p