Monday, August 20, 2012

Sam & Jolly : Revisiting ( NaGoYo )

The second time being here and yes in a row . This time i dared myself to tried their recommended NaGoYo ( Nasi Goreng Yoghurt ) sounds like Japanese right? my friend got fooled when i told her NaGoYo. she thought it was sushi and friends. The waiter was confident in recommended this NaGoYo .. and finally i ordered it based on what he suggested . Actually this is my intention from the start revisiting Sam & Jolly :P . So here's the sightings of the innovative and creative NaGoYo ..

NAGOYO ( IDR : 44.000 )
So here it is . The proud NaGoYo . Sam & Jolly always presents their foods beautifully . You know, beautiful meals just increase your appetite . The waiter told me to mixed the yoghurt with the fried rice first . I mix them up . Had a spoon full of it then the yoghurt felt was a little bit sour . The fried rice texture itself was kinda sticky . But after spoon by spoon the taste was getting better . I don't know.. And i finished this NaGoYo quite fast . And i didn't find this expensive because the portion itself was generous and delicious .

Happy Puffy Adfunture ( IDR 35.000 )
A puff pastry filled with strawberry thin strawberry pieces and  yummy cream . Ah , the best part . Served with fresh strawberries with strawberry sauce , plain Yo-stick , and garnished with a slice of orange and half piece of strawberry . I love eating desserts here , because it worth for what i paid . For IDR 35.000 you also got that free Yo-stick . And the Yo-stick itself worth IDR 20.000+ . This dessert was so good . Seriously , i don't doubt Sam&Jolly in serving desserts . they were never dissapoint me. I loved how the puff pastry met the cream . Ah , you should try it when you come here. 

Strawberry Sabayon Cake ( IDR : 35.000 )
A slice of strawberry cake topped with some kind of peanut cream which is i'm not sure and orange sauce layered with yoghurt while the middle layer was layered by thicker pink or you can say red which is strawberry sauce. Do i have to explain what it tasted like? Seriously it was good. Sweet tooth craving accomplished ? Big yes and with a big smile . Served with thin creme brulee around the cake. which is a plus point since the cream brulee was also tasty . 

The second time in a row and i completely blown away by the desserts . And the NaGoYo itself was not bad at all. I made Sam & Jolly as a must list to go having dessert when i am around Central Park

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