Monday, August 20, 2012


The one i'm gonna make a review is the one which is located at Central Park . Actually i have been several times went to Plaza Indonesia Kitchenette's outlet . And the comparison was quite sharp . Plaza Indonesia Kitchenette's was smaller than the one located at Central Park , the air conditioner was hotter comparing to the one at Central Park , and personally i prefer their Central Park outlet . It just more sophisticated with outdoor touch where the bridge that connecting Central Park and Kitchenette is surrounded with beautiful fish pond.

The interior inside still so Kitchenette . The different between their outlet at Plaza Indonesia and Central Park are the outdoor , and the setting . There are chairs with the Green garden just a few steps near the entrance. And i was mesmerized by it.

Anyway , Kitchenette also established by a rising company named : Ismaya . I love every Ismaya works . Their concepts are innovative , creative , expensive , hip , and comfortable according to my point of view. I ate several desserts from Kitchenette and to be frank , based on my desserts-ing experience . I found no desserts that gave me that wow effects afterwards . Just ok . Not too good but not bad. Mediocre. So , i decided to tried their main course.

Baked Truffle Macaroni and Chesse ( IDR : 69.000 )
Served on the folded red checkered table fabric . Boring presentation . I could only see the ham and macaroni inside along the plate . No dressing . Tasted plain. After mixed the macaroni with the cheese it tasted better but still kinda plain . I don't know . I felt not worth for what i paid .

Carbonara ( IDR : 59.000 ) and Cookies & Cream ( IDR : 38.000 )
And again the carbonara came with boring presentation . At least it was smelled good. The same as macaroni , i could only see pasta with ham *pokerface . Tasted just ok , better than the macaroni . This one quite good . Not too watery . But , what's wrong with a little dressing? seriously.

The drink came in a glass which my school canteen was used to served drinks. Tasted sweet and ordinary , somehow reminded me of ice blended pop ice cookies and cream flavored and adorned with choco chip biscuit.

Kitchenette is a nice place for hanging out with friends , and stretching your bones after tiring activities . Kitchenette never sleeps. As long i went there . it always packed . People loves this venue and i consider this as a successful Ismaya's hip venue. But not so much for awesome meals. Desserts ok.

all the credits are for my ablay who treated me for her late birthday celebration!



Phone: (021) 5698-8888

Central Park, Tribeca G Fl Unit PAV 3 A
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28, Jakarta

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