Monday, April 29, 2013

Garcon : Wine Pairing Night "Chateau-Fuisse"

A few weeks ago or precisely a month ago, i managed to join Wine Pairing Night "Chateau Fuisse" which took place at Garcon, Plaza Senayan. As a person who's been wanting to visit Garcon since quite a long time ago, this was one of those invitations that i couldn't miss! Thank you so much Ms Kesih from Garcon for having me. Also Ms Haseena of Vinum who enthusiastically explained about the wines and DSP group who played role as good host as well. I'd like to thank you. 

First thing first, i'm the type of person who will specifically tell you on how the place itself being a hero or zero. I really really love Garcon's lighting. It was chic and lovely with cheerful pink neon lights alternates with dim purple lights which was feasts to the eyes. Modern recycle look with some kind of steel pillars that ran along the ceiling. Cozy booth where you can see their wine collections. Not too spacious indeed, but it is one promising place to enjoy your quality time with your fellas or simply having your i my me mine time.Garcon is a baby who was born less than six months. Within short time, i think they already captivated Jakartan's hearts. Full house during weekend is one of the evidences.

5-courses gala dinner along with 10 wines total surely rings a good tune. I was the first attendants who popped out precede the other two. To be honest, i was tired of standing for a whole half an hour even more waiting to be seated. The workers seemed super duper busy that night. It was hard just to get a drink, we called, they came, they said ok, we waited and after the 4th attempt.....they're still forgetting us.

Chateau-Fuisse which was the highlight of that night dates back to 1604, the chateau owns more than 80 acres. Each planted with chardonnay covering four appellations in Pouilly-Fuisse, Saint Veran, Macon-Villages, and Macon-Fuisse. The most famous vineyards of Les Brulees, Les Combettes and Le Clos surround the chateau are bottled as specific cuvées to showcase their unique terroir (local).The vines are a minimum of 15years old and the aging takes place in oak barrels.

I was having their Canapes while waiting for the other plates to be served on our table. My favorite from the canapes was their rissoles tasted a like. It was crunchy and savory (but too oily) with NV Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc Brut as the pair as the pair. I didn't tried to enjoyed them together because the second glass didn't come.

Foie Gras De Canard in terrine, baby spinach, salad, and balsamic-cranberry chutney is the first who came. I am not a fan foie gras and it was only me who didn't finished even a half of it. Because i am a sensitive, caring, and loving guy. The fact of having those gooses suffers made me pity to eat it. Nah, just kidding.. I'm just not a fan of foie gras..But, i love their sweet balsamic cranberry chutney. and when i tried the foie gras in terrine and was quite good thou for me. Those who loves foie gras must be mesmerized by it. I left the breads untouched like Jen did because they were simply too tough to chew..

i think i was wrong to shot it near the candle. Because wine is a living liquid. They changed because heat or even the warmness from our body. That's why you have to hold the bottom part of a wine glass.

Pair : 
2010 Tete de Cru which reminded me of my favorite wine ever and this is the absolute wine for beginner like Moscato de Esti i had at Otel Lobby. So, i really love this one..with a hint of hazelnut and honey. It was fruity, sweet.. ah! tasted loveable.

2010 Le Combettes which tasted bolder when you sipped it after foie gras. But tasted lighter when you had them separately.. I didn't washed the foie gras down completely i guess... I didn't tasted it fruitier and sweeter than Tete de Cru.

the fifth glasses of wines could make you chattier! imagine when you have 10 of it.. "sssttt don't tell anyone", said Rubs.

Having wine as a pair is definitely ten times better than having pale and boring lychee ice tea accompanied your night. Lesson learned!

*drumrolls* It was my favorite Barramundi De Java.. it was definitely the menu with the most synchronous click on me. Served with onion, carbonara, emulsion potato with truffle oil that tasted like lumpia stuffing. Each of us had a different opinions about it and it was quite hilarious indeed when Rubs stated that it tasted like Jet-z (snack for kids) Nonetheless, i love everything on the plate, everything just right. The crispy skin from the fish and its soft meat definitely won my heart.

Pair :
2010 Les Brules was get along well with the fish. It created that beautiful harmony between those two. In fact it was quite strong when you had it without the fish. The fish galvanized its fruity and lovely side.

2010 Vielle-Vignes was one of my most favorite wine here. Because it was quite sweet and smooth. I don't like strong and bold wine maybe because i am still a newbie at this and haven't reach those stages yet.

Poitrine De Boeuf Cuite 72 Heures was so tempting from afar... sniffed something good. Ha! and yes it was... It was a surprise as well knowing it was patience-consuming beef brisket cooked within 72 hours, beating Rendang which is already complicated enough during its making processes. I love how it soaked with yum gravy but too watery for me. The beef was just tender and good... It was on the right level for me.. Orgasmic.. Their mashed potato is somewhat strange for me.. It wasn't your usual mashed potato.. This got the x factor.. I don't know how to put it up.. It tasted like turnip.. Then a turnip reminded us of how we used to play Harvest Moon when we were young. On the other hand, it was more than turnip.. not sure.. It has that something else.. (at this phase, i was already full enough... errrkkk).

Pair :
2010 Julienas Le Conseillere was 100% Gamay (purple-colored grape variety used to make red wines) with average vines of 30years.. It was dry for me.. Somehow, it went well after had those briskets. Still, dry.. Maybe i need evolve to senior drinker soon to understand this art.

Fromage consists of crunchy, soft, enjoyable wheat bread with berries (not sure if its blueberries or raspberries) those berries tasted fresh and took part as wake up call as well. Why? because it tasted bit spicy when you ate it. It created a coherent unity between the berries and cheeses! I am a big fan of dairy products, and cheeses are definitely included. There were 3type of cheeses. I love the cheese with triangle shape.. It seemed to melt in my mouth.. Beautiful..

2010 Signature Vincent Morgon, Les Charmes which also gamay variety and also ended our last red wine. IWTD stands for It Was Too Dry! and too strong.. I couldn't handle it.

And...... my long waiting finally over.. Yes, it was my most favorite part from every dinner or lunch..Dessert! I got to tasted their Strawberry Shortcake Garcon Style. Before i went to Garcon, i was having a quick meet up with my senior high friend.. She said, Garcon serves sinfully delicious desserts but not so much on the main course. Not agree with this since i was having good times munching those chains of courses. And finally stumbled upon this cake which was yes... It was SUPERB! I could feel the cake is crumbling and melted in my mouth.. Those sweetness and freshness from the berries were just a perfect pair. I don't know i just melt like the cakes. lol and also i brought their Chocolate Profiterole home... It was good but too sweet for me.. I prefer their strawberry cake.. One of the best in town..

I definitely didn't regret taking long distance from my home to Plaza Senayan because that night was too fabulous to be missed! It always a pleasure to get know with new persons especially when they are kind, friendly and chatty as well :p. It was definitely a memorable night for me.. Thanks Garcon for having me. Wonderful setting with delightful companion. Oh.. last but not least! Ms Kesih mentioned that this is not the end. There will be another streaks of delicious calling every month such as wine pairing dinner like this one. Keep Calm & Have a Glass of Wine.. Cheers!

Garcon (read : Gar-song)
Plaza Senayan 4th FI CF 410
Jl.Asia Afrika No.8 
Jakarta Selatan
021 5790 9140


  1. Cenddd, you're fast! I haven't even got the time to transfer the photos to my laptop. Haha. And thanks for the photo! Boy, do I look 'chatty'. See you on the 20 wine tasting! =D

    1. omg rubs.. i took nearly a month to post this.. welcome man! noo.. you look quiet and cool from the cover hahaha :) not sure.. no one has informed me yet..