Saturday, May 11, 2013

DBD : Detained Birthday Dinner

For not so particular reasons, birthday moments always excites me.. It's not about the glittery gold parties or beautiful wrapped gifts. For me, a birthday is a friendly reminder to be the better me. A day to share some happiness by treating the loves one, grateful i am having them through good and bad, up and down..Thank God who gave me another year to make right what i've done wrong..

ps : please! I'm wearing completely house wear and haven't took a bath yet.. (since morning...)

Just turned 21 a few days ago.. and, i was like.. Oh my.. I'm getting old and older.. And, now i'm on my twenties.. Then i decided to threw up one humble dinner with my loves.. And, it's kinda drained my pocket since i have 3rounds to treats.

They bought me Billie Chick's chocolaty cake.. Tasted good and those thin chocolate bars surrounded the cake were so good... I love how their chocolate didn't taste too sweet.. In fact, it was more like dark chocolate and noir..

Well, wishes were wished not to be told to everyone, right? But, let me spill the bean.. Just a bit..
I wish for the best of luck and happiness for everyone i loves. Simply simple right? Then i wish for me to be much better person, to be not insecure by night (oh), to realize not everything goes according to our will and most of the times.. self-ego did it wrong and it sucks, a lot....


1. No more Instant Noodles ..
Actually i've been doing this since 2years ago.. So, i've got no problems dealing with it.. It just sometimes, i want it like pretty pretty bad.. 

2. Be More Responsible .
My dad always scolds me for being supa dupa lazy and irresponsible toward my duty as student. 
*fun fact : i can sleep in a room where it haven't cleaned yet around 2-3 weeks.. (aw, i know it's gross)

                i always throws up shoes whenever i finished wearing them and threw the socks away and 
                having hard times to find them.

                i never does any homeworks, studying or anything related to study at home.. All i do is browsing  
and watching animes or youtube-ing (ah.. one piece, naruto, and fairy tail are my never-ending addictions)

                i always wakes up earliest around 14.00/15.00 on weekends and dealing with serious problems during school days.. (errkk)

                i spend a lot and earned nothing (this is sucks!) money, money.. honey needs money..

                i often lost my home keys and my dad made the new one from me and cut my money because of it.. My house has 4keys and it cost me IDR 200.000,00 everytime i lost it! 
Everyone's enemies.. Junk Food and Soda.. So sinfully delicious but oh well.. Replace them.. with a lot of healthy mineral water or juices.. Replace your usual rice with brown rice (nasi merah) to reduce the fat..

I am so fat and fat and super fat and FAT! and need hit to gym soon.. I tried a month trial before and ended up just came for about 3times.. What a waste.. Work lazy ass, work! burn, burn.. Hopefully soon.

And the night flies.. with us being detained at Detention Room, Pantai Indah Kapuk..

And, finally i decided to threw up the first wave at Detention Room, PIK after looking around before.. The prices are click, the place is looking good with modest recycle look with some kind of chemical classroom concept.. But, not so appealing, if you ask me. Nonetheless, it is a good place for gathered, chit-chatting and eat as well.. I was having dinner on the 2nd floor which i already booked it on advance.. And, no one beside us occupied the seats. Happy? Yes We Are!!

This is my favorite snack ever when i bumped into Detention Room. It's their Fries Nation (IDR 25.000) which is surprisingly came in satiating portion and satisfying on the taste area.. Super crunchy and quite fulfilling as well.. Ended up ordered this fries nation 3times and 1 bowl left untouched.. Super full looorrrrr..
Wedges, curly fries, french fries.. All in one bowl.. Totally recommended..

I've been wanting to try this Original Loco Moco (IDR 44.000) since my very first coming but i was so full already.. so, i let it skip.. Honestly.. It just a bit weird for me and couldn't spoiled my tastebuds.. Although it was quite delish soaked with mushroom gravy and delicious thick patty.. The patty was a bit dry and not juicy.. And the egg didn't help too much.. It was good.. It just not my cup of tea..

I ordered this Margherita Pizza (IDR 59.000) just for me.. If you want to test.. whether a restaurant serving good pizza or no.. you should order the simplest pizza from of all.. And as a cheesy guy (love cheese!) i ordered this margherita.. and.. It was surprisingly delicious.. Despite its simple appearance, the taste wasn't simple at all... The cheeses were rich.. the dough was crisp and thin but still fulfilling.. Oh.. everything just blended beautifully.. I love it..

I didn't tried this Chicken Cordon Bleu (IDR 44.000) but it was definitely looking tempting and tasty.. Agree? My friend loved it thou.. So, it must quite good..

I recommended my friend to ordered this Artery Blocker (IDR 68.000) which consists two thick sliced yet cripsy chicken with cheesy fillings between served with french fries... I could taste a hint of sweet-sour lemon from the chickens.. and it was good thing.. Fresh and crispy.. Thick and fulfilling.. A good chicken menu..

Fish & Chips (IDR 58.000) if my memory doesn't failed me. Didn't tried this one too..

Their Spaghetti Aglio Olio (IDR 46.000) was quite generous and appeared to be quite yum and savory as well.. Well.. Standard.. In a good standard.. While their Spagheti Meatball (IDR 40.000) was a disappointment for me.. It just too standard and watery.. Tomato sauce used for bolognaise what dominating the plate and taste area... The meatballs were just 3-4 (forgot) and came in super mini size.. not juicy and the ingredients needed to fused more..Ah, and it looked like Mie Goreng Jawa.

And the only drink which successfully captivated my heart was only this Dirty Red (IDR 25.000-30.000) Well.. Imagine you're drinking a good tasting red velvet cake.. And there was drink called Bloody Headmaster which tasted so fresh and good..

Total spending was IDR 810.000++ (when i look at the gallery..there's not much.. maybe because, we ended up ordering the same menu in the end) But definitely worth every penny.. Did i mention that i love a waitress who accompanied us on the second floor? From my very first visit to Detention Room, this one waitress looking so friendly and smile like most of the time..

I'm so grateful that i am still alive until 21years old and hoping to keep alive until then.. Keep alive, be alive and feel alive.. Thank you Detention Room who tweeted me asked if i will go there to have a dinner o not.. Since i would forget if they didn't tweet me... Thanks for the friendly reminder and services.. I went home happy! happy tummy, happy times, happy companions.. and gifts (oops) There are still 2nd &3rd wave of treats to go... Hang in there, Cend Woo!

Detention Room
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D/28
Bukit Golf Mediterania, PIK
(Arah terusan waterbom, belok kiri, menuju pintu tol lagi)
Just beside Momento


  1. Happy belated birthday! I hope you can fulfill all your wishes and resolutions :D

    Anyway, Fairy tail is also one of my never-ending addictions! So sad that they're currently postponed the anime :(

    1. Thank you so much!! :D

      Agree!! Oh my God.. I'm so stress why they have to postponed it.. And the manga took forever to be posted!

  2. Happy birthday, Cend! Here's to more good food and happy life! Did u try their hot choc? Everybody sounds head over heels for that one!

    1. Thank you Irene! Of course i've tried it on my very first visit. I went for hot dark chocolate with hazelnut... Didn't work for me.. Too sweet even for my sweet tooth and i wonder if they took my order wrong.. Because it wasn't dark and noir at all.. But i can say it was good quality chocolate :)