Thursday, April 4, 2013

Late Post : Glory Hometown

To have big families with strong blood relationship between one another
surely one heart-warming turned out of moments. 
One may have family of his own, one may face problems of his own 
One can't deny the bonds, the air, culinary and warm nuance from their glory hometown
How lucky of me having such beautiful big families with deep bonds
since the day i learned how to count.

Day 1 : Dear hot readers, this is one late post that i postponed since last February and out of nowhere i have this sudden urge to spill it on this blog. Chinese New Year is surely one anticipated moments for family and especially you whose purse become thicker afterwards. Sorry, i've been so out of date but it's better late than never, right? And,this is going to be one long post with (hopefully) beautiful pictures along the way.

First, i am proud to a be Medanese therefore my hometown is obviously... The city of those unbreakable chains of those stingy peoples reside planted in minds of most people. The city which best known for their abundantly porky Chinese foods with no doubt on the taste area. Yes, it's Medan. I'm glad that i had a chance to pay my hometown a visit on Chinese New Year and accompanied with beautiful friend on the first day. From she picked me up at Miramar then returned me to Soechi (ex Novotel) for me to celebrate Chinese New Year night. 

Not so long after i got full after munched those Indonesian-Chinese foods at Miramar, we set our foot on one well-known restaurant among Medanese especially older people to enjoy their time with poured glass of wine or beer. My dad suggested me to try this place out and yes, as a good boy i did pay this place one brief visit. The place itself is not too spacey with dark wooden flooring and dim lighting. They have one white piano on the right side just after the entrance. I ordered a drink and food simply because it doesn't feel right if we just order drinks. And, surprisingly the price was quite steep. I thought it would be more like Bandung where the prices are so friendly environmental. 

My friend had an orange juice and i had kiwi juice. I think my kiwi was too watery and their Chicken Cordon Bleu cost me IDR 60-65.000 which is quite overrated. As you can see above, there were only 4 not too big pieces of chicken coated with bread flour crisply and filled with smoked beef and cheese. Luckily, the taste wasn't disappointing like one of their waitress came to our table with not so pleasant behavior. 

Then we went to Harbour 9 for afternoon snacks or early dinner precisely

I seriously became one fatty piggy on that day since those streaks of sinfully fattening dining activity didn't stop me for trying another new place in Medan named Costra Nostra and just ordered their Red Velvet. It seemed when Jakartan's fever toward red velvet slightly fading, Medanese's just started to pumped up. 

Surprisingly came in a huge portion.. Oh my. I think this is the biggest red velvet i've eaten so far in my whole existence. Bear IDR 35.000 on tag surely not one sweet promise for it to be good. My friend said, it was quite satisfying while i'm going to say no because the cake was too dense and somewhat sour but the sourness didn't click on me. I don't know, it was just boring.

So, did the place sightings reminds you of some cafes at Jakarta? Then after this, me and my friend had to say goodbye that this one day surely felt so fast. Then she joined her family to celebrate their own Chinese New Year event and me continue on having one unstoppable munching activity at Soechi Hotel which was ex Novotel. Fyi: I gained about 1 1/2 kilos after today. 

At Soechi, i had continuously dishes served on table. And sadly to say, none of their foods satisfying me. I mean, i really am a guy with easily satisfied and adjustment palate and those couldn't satisfied me. But, i'm going to show you what Chinese got to eat especially on New Year Night

Ha! I even forgot what is this but this one must dish on Chinese New Year, it believed to bring good luck upon you and your family. You have to mix them thoroughly and pour the sauce then tossed it up high. The higher it is, the more fortunate and the bigger luck will blessed upon you and your family. Well, yeah..

Day 2 : It was a pray day and definitely a play day.  We went to a temple to pray and eat and love *doh.. This temple itself was one fascinating sight where it the building mostly covered by gold colored materials. 

We had to remove our shoes because it was strictly prohibited to wore one. So, we explore it with bare foot. And, i wonder, how on earth those cement floor wasn't dirty at all then i met something who was really spooky. It was one huge, hairy spider look a like in supine position. Gosh, i ran out.. fast. 

Praying time, i prayed the best for every single living things in this world *hmm

Surely after tiring walk, our tummy was nearly about to cry demanding to be filled and there was one all-you-can-eat (Horaay!) vegetarian restaurant just below the temple. And beautiful green lea spoiled our eyes. 

Ah, i love everything about all you can restaurant and this restaurant was surprisingly cheap! you know what? it only costed us IDR 30.000/person. Just how cheap was that? The selections weren't too vary but at least, i could say it was quite satisfying vegetarian dishes. Everything made from veggies or flour and processed such ways as to resemble it as real meats. 

I had one hella portion of rice with fuyunghai, buttered chicken etc to accomplished my tummy wish..

Meet my baby sist! Aren't we similar to each other? My vegetarian meal surely provoked my appetite. Looking good, eh? Oh, pardon.. it wasn't just a rice. It was a fried rice which tasted quite bland but went along well with the other elements on my plate. Simply yummy. For a mere IDR 30.000 this was surely deserves an applause.The best part? All you can eat!

Then we went to Brastagi which took us 3-4hours journey sitting or sleeping in car. Then we went to one broad meadow with brightly shining sun which caused one skin irritation afterwards. This kind of recreation place is good for going picnic or simply playing kites (?)

Hahaha, feel free to laugh on my stupid jump and my cousin surely jump high. So, what were doing? Nothing to do in particular. So, as a guy who doesn't like this kind of place simply jump and jump hoping we would go home soon.. But, i enjoyed good times with my dearest cousins. What we did? Simply jump! and one annoying cousins interrupted our jumps. Then it became a failed jumping with cousins pictures.

I can't wait to meet them on the next Chinese New Year event. And, next year we are going to Shanghai! and i need really to saving up from now on. Meet my lovely cousin! she owned a beauty clinic at Medan and how lucky i am, i did some beauty treatment and definitely free for me. Life's good

Exhausted, i accidentally fell a sleep on car and slept once we reached the villa. But i will never forgets for having dinner especially with sinfully fattening but scrumptious at the same time being served on the table. Piggy nation rules. Let me give you some of what we had and it was really one great, memorable, satisfying not to mention fattening as hell dinner. 

This is my favorite. A huge prawn cooked with spicy sauce and petai. It was really really really good. The meat was simply abundant and tasted so yum. We also had saksang, super good piggy cooked in several complex process until it created one fragrant and sinfully delicious fattening dish. 

For sweet-toothed you have to meet this La Maison's lovely petites. They were so good and refreshing and surprisingly expensive costed you IDR 15.000/each and it was small.. 

Day 3 : Not so much to do on this day since we've got to fly again to Penang-KL on 14.00 but let me cross check again yesterday activity and i forgot that me and my family visited another temple located on highland but terribly sorry i forgot what its name. And, we went to Hillpark! you can say it's more like Dufan or Medan's mini and humble version of Universal Studio.

There was barongsai just in front of our villa then my babysist hilariously called them. She also interested and wanted some rabbits to bought home but my daddy won't allow it since he doesn't like animals.

Aren't they just too cute?

There were several good playing stations out there but it was boring for me since there were not much and surprisingly not as big as Dufan. No, it wasn't even reached a half of it. And, what made my day was having Satay Padang before departure, it was a night before it, precisely.

Thanks for my dearest cousins who treated me really good. Can't wait for next year's... So, did you enjoy your Chinese New Year as much as i do? Then my journey continue to Penang and KL and i wasn't excited about it. How i wish we could turned the direction to Singapore instead. But, what's really matter is the time between me and my family.


  1. words can't explain how much i love ur first pic. awesome!
    great post as always :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Irene!
      thank you so much.. how kind of you.. yours more! :)