Thursday, October 4, 2012

NINOTCHKA Coffee Parlour & Diner

Ninotchka is one most popular venue in West Jakarta , which is exactly located at Citra Garden 6 . Sonia Eryka a blogger , an artist ( maybe ) and more , promoted Ninotchka several times in her blog and so on ( heard this from one of my friends ) .
From whoever Ninotchka got its popularity it doesn't matter . As a dessert parlour , Ninotchka serves several kinds of yummy desserts with an  environmentally friendly prices but i do think the portions are kinda bit small . Been here several times , this place seems crowded by students and teenagers. Well , with those affordable prices , cute and simple concept that inviting you to come in , and with those tempting desserts . what are reasons for you not to come here?

Inside , Ninotchka looks humble with their simple interior which dominated by wooden touch and their rattan chairs. With only a few seats both inside and outside. Maybe they should expand their place soon if the crowds gets wilder . And seems they have their active social network-er ,you can see it through their twitter @NINOTCHKA_JKT

This time , i came here on 21.40PM + and we are the only customers , and we kinda missed some of their sweet treats . I didn't saw their chocolate macs coated with grapes ( read it at Irene's blog ) .

Oh man , it was 22.00PM and we stuffed our tummy with these devilishly sweets .

Strawberry Sponge Cake 17k
Base on its appearance , thought it would be rich by strawberry outside and inside . But ,it appears only the outside which covered with strawberry and its jam. Inside tasted like your good ordinary cake , sweet and soft .

Choco Lava 15k
This small choco lava is one of their best sellers . Back then the pastry was served without cup . Somehow i think the portion is a little bit smaller whereas their choco lava is really good . I tasted somewhere more expensive yet this small hero isn't less yummy . Their soft melted chocolate inside its small pastry literally melted in your mouth and its vanilla ice cream poured with chocolate sauce completed the sweetness. For 15k , this is outstanding.

left : Green Tea Frappe 15k , right : Cookies & Cream 16k

Their green tea frappe wasn't too sweet , somehow i think the ices were quite too much so i can barely tasted the green tea. When the ices thawed. Its flavor became more less noticeably . While i think their cookies & cream is balanced , it wasn't sweet but i enjoyed it.

Rainbow Cake 25k
Getting sick with rainbow cake , this was my friend's . Tasted it before and tried it again just a few hours ago . Their rainbow hasn't changed . Still soft and quite yummy . 

LAST BUT NOT LESS : Their Macaroons

Strawberry Macaroons 5k each
I do think they have great macaroons and quite affordable but the portion is too small ( What you expect for a mere 5k? ) their fillings are good . the cream is good also they slipped round chocolate cream inside the macs , blended well with each other. I'll definetly come back soon to taste the other macaroons . Ended up with only strawberries because it was their peak closing time , so the variants aren't that much anymore.

their entrance . see ? it's closing time :( ah , can't took shot with their ninotchka sign . how i wish it was afternoon!
See you soon Ninotchka , i am so gonna try your pasta in my next visit :) and for those haven't step inside . Please do . I believe they serves great foods with affordable prices . But i do wish improvements on their portions.

Circle West Citra Garden 6 C28
West Jakarta, 11830
Phone: 0816-1105316
Website (complete info):


  1. aaa so envy :(
    i've been craving for this place for so long hehe

    1. Ah , I bet it's really far away from your house :(

  2. gue mau cobain bailey macarons-nya, katanya sih enak. wah dia skrng udah tmbh bnyk ya sweet treats nya!

    1. Iaaa! Tp syg pas dtg ud mau ttup banget .. Macarons yg lu makan yg coated with grape or something aja bnr2 tempting!