Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Eats

What crossed your mind if i say Carefour? a huge one-stop grocery store? yes, with an additional food stores at the inner part of Central Park's ( and any others ) Carefours. i ordered the very standard fried rice, Egg fried rice without chicken which cost 10k/plate. I wasn't hoping much,even just a speck of it. But,it turned out it was quite good for a mere 10k. Well-seasoned and quite savory. No chicken, but lack of those biting sensations. 

Magnum Strawberry Chocolate around 10k. Before i attended an agenda from OpenRice, I took a chance to sat down at Everywhere-you-can-found Circle-K. I Is it just me or just my nescience but i didn't know Magnum has strawberry flavor, so i bothered myself to buy a wrap. Tasted so much better than the victim ad, Magnum Gold.

Followed up with Nasi Goreng Kampung 10k from Circle-K. The fried rice was in a cold nearly frozen condition saved in their fridge. It was heated up. Tasted just ..... ok,i just wasted 10k. So,it wasn't a big deal. 

Even inside my campus,there lies a cute bubble tea store named KOEII, and this is my very first time knowing this bubble tea brand. I had choco milk tea for 20k with coconut topping. Whoaa.. it tasted good just like any other well-known bubble tea brands. Bigger cup,please? 

Tamiang, surely isn't sounds new to ears for those who often receives a package from cousins / whoever it is, which is fond of Chinese zwieback. This is Tamiang 3 Rasa if i'm not mistaken. It was a mooncake day, so me and my family receives a lot of shipment from our beloved cousins especially at Medan. And this is one of them. It has good pork flosses inside along with taosa. It is good.

Just looking at the photo, you'll know both of the cakes aren't moist and soft. It was kinda rough, which isn't totally my favorite. The taste just plain, i wasn't enjoying the both of cakes. Mrs Field, the one located at Citraland, which just across my campus has promo. One cake for only 10k. I believe they didn't use good qualities of ingredients.

In a fad mood to explore Gajah Mada Plaza which is not too far away from my office ( it was holiday, i had a sideline job ) at Harmony. My intention was accomplished to bought some body shop equipments because it was on sale! explored the place for a while,then i spotted Richeese Factory. Most of peoples known Richeese as a snack which is use cheese as a complement.

I had a chicken package consists of 2 chicken drumsticks and one chicken wing,and my mouth was literally got sexier afterwards. So,they have lv 1-5 ( if i'm not mistaken ) spiciness levels. I had their lv4. I was burst out!! It was super spicy!! but, it surely tasted good, the seasonings soaked in perfectly. I can felt the crisp from the skin. It is good. 

One my friend's friend ( wth ) checked in at Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih, so we covered with curiosity visited it, to know how does it taste, because it's always packed. she said. Quite expensive hawker food. 28k for their fried rice and a cup of ice sweet tea ( i thought ). But,apparently they used goat meat, liver and ampela within the rice. And.. I could tasted some kind of rendang or curry taste-a-like when i had a spoon of it. It was good. Unfortunately, it lack of those biting factors and savoriness.

An experiment of me and a friend. It was an indomie with soto flavor dipped in eggs fluid which already seasoned with peppers, salt and a sprinkle of sugar. The taste was.......... what could go wrong with indomie? We had no comments but we did finished it!

Next is a famous Juice store at Pecenongan which known as Caramel Juice. It always packed with juice lovers. It is a hawker juice store with interesting taste and variant of flavors. I had their Strawberry Rum Raisins 15k which i don't know myself either if it mixed with rum or not. But, seriously it was super good and refreshing. I could tasted the raisins in my every suctions. No wonder,if it always packed with peoples. 

Another fried rice! and this is from Cipete, located just beside HottiKultura World Diners. It is a Beef Fried rice 17,5k topped with slices of sirloin which cost you an additional 12,5k. It came in a very generous potion. Tasted good and savory but still, for me, it lacks of those biting factors. 

From Indonesian's diamond, Bali. A box of layer cakes from Harum Sari. Consists of two different flavors, chocolate and original. I prefer the original. It was good, sweet, and soft. Definitely a sweet treat.

Siomay ( and again ) just beside HottiKultura. 15k/portion . I can tell it is a hi-quality siomay. It was good, It has that biting factor. The peanut sauce was so good, while the siomay itself was good. After quite a long time i didn't ate siomay, i found myself satisfied with a plate of this.


A special fruit pie from Social House for halloween event. I love everything on the plate, it's cute,right? too bad. the tasted itself wasn't as beautiful as the presentation. Enough said. 35k

Random Eats By Hotty Potty
- To Be Continue -


  1. Love this kind of post! yikes for the 28k hawker fried rice though!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it wasn't that good thou..

  2. hi! im ur new reader ... love ur blog!
    actually i was curious ,, what do you mean by lack of biting factor?
    and woah how did u make the indomie? u serve it first the usual way then u pour egg onto it like martabak telur, or then u stir fry it?

    oh oh i really want to have a bite of your social house's fruit pie :D

    1. hi poe! thanks for dropping by

      yes, i meant it was lack of some x factors from the food. something was messed up while i know it could be better

      yes! u guessed it true! just like that. hahaha

      gonna have it soon that halloween's edition :)