Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pempek Vena : Poris Treasure

Far far away from Jakarta ( actually it's not that far away ) in Tangerang's region . There's hide a well-known empek-empek eatery named : Pempek Vena , for those who doesn't know what is empek-empek , let me explain it first . Pempek is best-known Palembang dishes , Pempek dough is made from a mixture of boneless ground fish meat, most commonly tenggiri ,with water, salt and tapioca. While its Kuah cuka is produced by adding palm sugar , vinegar , chilli pepper , garlic, and salt to boiling water. The color of this sauce is dark brown. This sweet, sour and spicy sauce is essential for flavouring the pempek, since the pempek dough is very mildly savoury

Serving : Pempek usually served cute in bite-size served with yellow noodles / rice vermicelli showered in kuah cuka and sprinkled with chopped cucumber and ebi ( ground dried shrimp powder ) and sometimes maybe the additional fish crackers might be offered. And kuah cuko usually offered in hot spicy or plain . So , for those who doesn't eat chilli . Chill out .

Living not far away from Poris , yes still in Tangerang's region , i tend to eat pempek sometimes when my craving is already overload and can't be dammed again and the first thing comes in mind is delicious , crispy , spicy , homemade Pempek Vena.

Pempek Vena located in the owner house who originally came from Palembang . When i was in senior high , i often eats this delicious pempek with my friend who moved to Bali . And again i ate this memorable pempek just this afternoon after exams . Back then me and that friend who already moved to Bali and yes i did met her when holiday , roving depths of Poris using motorcycle . How i miss those moments . 

My personal opinion about their taste : FAVORITE 
I am a fan of pempek since i was a little fat and of course not to mention cute overload and shyly adorable. I tasted much pempek eateries , one of my very favorite was in Pujasera Taman Palem , Cengkareng which closed already . And the second one fell to Vena. these two are my favorites

Vena's pempek is crispy , yummy , well-seasoned , i could really really taste their fish inside whether it tenggiri or whoever he she it fishes . Their cuko ( vinegar ) is so tasty , of course beside the pempek itself the followed up most important complement is cuko. With those combination of crunchiness , spiciness , savoriness , and the other ness ness ness factors are indeed a self pleasure.

ANYWAY i almost forgot to post their cuko in bottles.

And sorry i don't know their phone numbers. Let me post their address , When you go to Poris make sure eat this yummy pempek.

Pempek Vena
Poris Indah D 568 RT.07 RW .07

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