Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Downtown Bistro

A few days ago, i went to one of the newest establishments ( is it ? ) at Central Jakarta which is specifically located at Landmark Building, Sudirman. I was intrigued after hearing several good talks from friends who preceded me. Unfortunately, by the time i was there with one of my friend, their indoor area was unavailable due to the some colloquium, talkshow, whatever you name it. Inevitably, we sat outside. Hoping they all would moved immediately. Poor us, they didn't moved even just a little bit.

Oh, i forgot to brought my camera along, it was left while it still refilling its battery. 

At the first glance, i thought it was a restaurant with library concept which is similar to Bibliotheque but apparently they carrying an oldie, somehow-retroish, vintage-jazzy and American bistro concepts which will transported you to back in time.I am a fan of everything vintage except faces :p so, this place is good enough for me ( although we were seated outside ).

With blazing curiosity, i asked my friend to asked for their toilet which is inside. But, she said it was too crowded, she couldn't took any pics inside. Ok, i am not satisfy about this part. Considering it wasn't our lucky day. Praying the foods won't disappoint us. 

Thai Green Tea 22k
Thai tea 22k

Their thai teas came in a quite big glass, tasted good and refreshing. These could wind up our thirst after gobbling some snacks in the car. 

Wild Mushroom Soup ( 32k ) A creamy mushroom soup served with a touch of truffle oil and served with a piece of garlic bread or perhaps a crostini, The mushrooms were strong, it was creamy enough. it was good. Prefer this one than what i had previously at one of fellow restaurant which served a stronger version of mushroom soup.

Indian Buttered Rice ( 57k ) Boneless chicken cooked in butter, corlander, tomato, and ginger served with rice pillaf. Their pillaf is an indian rice with fragrant and inviting smell which resulted from herb and raisin. Personally, i would love it more if the rice was cooked a little bit mushier. While the buttered chicken was cooked into perfection, juicy and savory. Also,love that crunch sensation from the almonds. 

Nutella Creepes ( 47k ) crepes with rich cheese, and nutella fillings inside with cream cheese and drizzled with nutella hazelnut. I love the crepes, it was well-blended with the cheese and nutella. When i combined it with its vanilla ice cream, it was another sweet treat.

Overall, i was having a little bit hot experience seated outside although their fans were on. And without knowing how their indoor look like. But, the foods are exceptional. I definitely will come back for more. They also gave good, well-mannered, attentive and fast service.

Address : The Landmark Central Ground Floor
                 Jl. Jendral Sudirman no 1, Jakarta
Phone : 021-52960064


  1. u shud try their george pie, the besttt!! i don't really like their main course, though..

    1. ah! actually that one already captivated my sight. will do next time :)