Monday, October 8, 2012

SKYE : A Dine In The Sky

ALERT :  I highly suggest you to reserve your seats at least a week before the day . Especially on Weekend , it can be very crowded . On my very first visit i've booked my seats since 2weeks ago because on the 1st week i booked the seats , it was full already . This may not apply on Weekdays .

 Babblement before the content 

Somehow i managed to make this post after 3times visits . Sorry did not take many photos due to some constraints , eg : slightly stuffy , haven't replaced my camera into the more supportive one and so on . But what really matter is my intention to post it , right? *self defense . My very 1st time went here , i wasn't yet a blogger , so it didn't matter for me if i didn't took any pictures. The 2nd visit i'm still just a wanderer between one restaurant to another. The 3rd attempts to took some pictures for blog but still it appeared things didn't went to well. Still, it's an unfinished messed , the most fatal among all is : i didn't keep the bills. Also , i forgot almost of the foods name . Sorry for the incompetence . But i'll try my best to describe the place for you , readers.

According to me and all of my senses of goodness , SKYE is a phenomenal not to mention currently one of the most spectacular venue now in Jakarta. Where socialites loves to pampers themselves with the convenience , elegance , and the beautiful view on the 56th floor of BCA Tower , South of Jakarta. Where you can pamper your eyes with beautiful interiors , high quality building materials , luxury decorations strengthened with the touch of woods which appealing to the eyes. Beside expats , socialites , foreigners , high-class teenagers are often seen visiting this impressive venue that standing tall and gallantly on the skycrapers . 

By the sounds and beats of music that pleasant the ears , women ushers that ( hopefully ) ready to serves you well and assist you up towards your dining table , SKYE is ready to spoils you with all its might. I may sounds highly sided with it but from the bottom of my heart , i think SKYE is the most famous , coolest venue so far . Regardless of whether or not the food provides. 

Divided into two parts , where inside is their main dining area and outside is the lounge area . Lounge area which allows you to see the awe from the very top of BCA Tower . It was made simpler , highly attractive outdoor area with bar and purple mini pool bearing the image of sun. Many peoples were photographing this area when i was there. Actually if seen look again their indoor area is actually better than the outdoor ( from my view ) .

Found some photos of the foods probe after probe .And what i recalled just their Forget Me not , a beautiful blue colored mocktail , lamb tagine and duck confit ( maybe ) in the foods pic . Their forget me not which i believe it's one of their signature drinks is refreshing , a mixture of lemon, apple, and raspberry flavors with refreshingly sweet and sour taste. Had forgotten the rest of them , sorry i've told you already .

 Look at this stranger looks narcissistic as I take an outdoor photo . cheese!!


Uhm ? Me ? My very first visit here was good , their services were good also . But the foods wasn't that satisfying , maybe by that time we did mistakes on what we ordered? don't know , but out of 5 plates presented on the tables , we found no satiating meals.

The second one was getting better , again we received a good welcome and we definetly enjoyed our night . It was the twelve of us , spent about 2 hours there . Their waiter could explained the menu very well too.And i saw middle-aged woman wore a gold glittery dress which was very striking .. I wore a nice clothing too . But she was like she was going to held a concert . Dangdutan? perhaps . Maybe because SKYE requires us to look Fashionable . There's an announcement board tell the visitors to be fashionable at the entrance door, i don't have any problems with it . But , seriously isn't that a little bit too judgmental ? Judging people from what they wear? Well.

The third one , only 3 of us came and just enjoying drinks . dragon tattoo , and purple haze . But , still i think their Bolivian Snow is my favorite . After that we took some pictures at the lounge area . Too packed , can hardly breathe .

I think our meeting is still on continue , i am so going to update this venue soon with foods review and adding more photos ! wait me readers :) See you soon SKYE

Menara BCA, 56th
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: (021) 23586996


  1. Been there to many times ya? :D

    Still I prefer places that offer great foods and drinks rather than just selling the view. :p

    Keep updating, bebi :* :*

    I'll see you in a blink.

    1. Hay babyboo..
      Actually they serves quiet decent foods . Sure , kejer setoran yaa update2 wohow..

  2. I agree with you Meidit... *Toss*...

    Btw, Nice post of you, Cend! Interesting!
    Think about to pay a visit one day & try their Bolivian Snow... :)


    1. hey cc mullie !
      thank you for the compliment also drop a comment ya :)

      you really should pay it a visit :D