Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hotti-kultura World Diners

Hotti-Kultura is a minimalist restaurant with outdoor area for smoking and indoor area with some pastel colored seats and modest appearance. Hearing the word " World Diners " surely pumped my enthusiastic. What was captivated my attention was their mini bar and a mini book shelves filled with some readable books. Looks like they also serves a quite variant of liquors. It gave a homey nuance as i sat and look around. 

see? it isn't that big but it is cozy.

I did enjoying the simplicity, coziness, and homey ambiance offered from this restaurant BUT the air-con was quite hot, it made me sat restlessly waiting for the foods and occasionally wiped away my sweats with a tissue. The other attendants felt the same way with me.

their outdoor area, it's a good spot to puff cigarettes and sip a cup of coffee.
some ornaments followed up with readable books

I was quite surprise they did putting glasses of their drinks on the tables, it was about 13 drinks and i didn't tried them all.

AVOCADOCHINO ( around 20k ) a refreshing mixture from avocado juice with cappuccino and condensed chocolate milk garnished with a piece of astor. It was suit well to my taste.

This one named Green Mint if i'm not mistaken. It was a blend of mint leaves, tasted tasteless like mineral water but fragrant

Mango Tea, this one was my favorite. It was the simplest drink among of all but it was sweet,refreshing and made me want to continuous sucked it

A sweet blend of lychee. Tasted good

This called Hawaian Mocktail. The base was mango syrup , and the upper part was orange juice with chunks of oranges. When i mixed it, tasted like fanta with orange flavor.
And these are the other drinks which i didn't got to tried .


Opened by delicious appetizer before the entrees, i completely forgot about the name. But it was really good. It is shrimp based appetizer. Outer part was crisp while inside was beautifully blended with the fillings and when i ate it , it was like melted in mouth. It was a twist

Sunny Side Up breakfast set, consists of chicken chunks, sausages, a toast topped with special omelette. Beside the thick omelette, the others weren't satisfying. The toast was hard to bite too.
Came in set. A bowl of rice topped with smashed chicken which tasted like teriyaki, miso soup, vegetables, and flavored fried eggs. The rice was good and ( pulen ) but i don't know. It doesn't stroke my appetite, likewise the teriyaki smashed chicken and the egg. But for a rice bowl lover. It's worth to try
FOCACCIA SANDWICH TERIYAKI, Foccacia is Italian bread taken from "Foccasis" It's a bread made from some additional ingredients such as olive oil, herbs, rosemary, thymes or oregano. The fillings were quite good and salivating. The fries was well-cooked. The vegetables? i didn't bother to try
Fried Dori Fish with Mushroom Sauce ( is it? ) Looked appetizing but i didn't like the fish texture. Not rich and dense. But, it was still good.
This is a kind of dish which you can meet almost everywhere. Chicken Steak. I love the crunch crunch in mouth gave by the cripsy texture outside, The meat was also tender strengthened with its delicious sauce.

Tender Round Steak ( 100k ) 200g of juicy medium rare Australian meat with blackpepper sauce. The meat was still pink which i love it, indicated it was juicy and tender. And yes, it was really good. Too bad, the mashed potato didn't gave the balance toward the deliciousness from the meat. It had that fishy sensation
 Overall experience :
I was having good times here with decent foods and homey ambiance that made me want to stay a linger long with good companions that shared same interests. The tender round steak is a must to try. Hoping the air-con will get colder by the time i get there. Hotti-Kultura is a good place to loosen up.

Jl. Cipete Raya No.15 C
(021) 70268033 
Twitter : @hottikultura
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  1. it seems like a good place.
    the mushroom sauce doesn't look like a mushroom sauce ya?i guess hehe

    1. That's why I slipped the "is it?" Part .. Hahaha. Because I'm not sure either ..

      Yes good place , go pay a visit! :)