Saturday, November 24, 2012

Quick Review : Bonchon

Actually, this rapidly growing chain restaurants aren't new and i bet most of you already tried it or simply addicted by it. Seriously, it's like everywhere to be found. I had a very good first impression, i really love their chicken drumsticks while watching Prometheus about several months ago, it was well marinated at the skin but less marinated inside, tender, quite juicy and am a sucker for their finger licking special sauce. So, the point is you have to eat the chicken with the skin, it was really really good. I never really had one heavy meal there yet yesterday i still didn't have the chance to try due to the over-fullness big tummy. And i bother myself to pay another visit to bought an illegal snack to Blitzmegaplex. I rewarded myself 24pieces of Bonchon Bites and it's gone before the movie playing.

It was good but i still prefer their drumsticks, they were unforgettable. I do think their Bonchon Bites seriously needs that crunch crunch sensations, the meat itself wasn't too tender but it is still addictive. And again, it was well-marinated. I really love their secret sauce poured over their chickens. To be brief, their Bonchon Bites was quite satisfying. But i will stick to their heavenly drumsticks next time. 

And now they have their proud burgers to fulfilling your crave for a lower cholesterol burger and less junk. They stated that their chickens contained no trans fat ( 0g trans fat ) They do really care about the customers health and hopefully it is all true. 

Their very own burgers. Gonna try their Kim soon
Talking about Kimchi, my friend foolishly ordered a cup of Kimchi from Bonchon while i asked her to bought Kimchi Burger! we ended up burst out laughing and left it. I couldn't bear it. I just hate Kimchi. It's stink and weird ( Not Bonchon's but i hate all the kimchi, its very own existence ) But, from what i read Kimchi is identified as the world healthiest food. Yes, healthy is not tasty. 

their outlet at Central Park, it's a bit smaller compared to the one at Grand Indonesia.

I do really think they offered quite vary of menu and just thinking about their drumsticks ( again ) already make me drool while writing this review. Thank you for anyone who bought Bonchon to Indonesia and success for them. I shall have their Kim for my next visit. Any other recommendation from Bonchon? let me know :) 

BonChon Chicken
1.       Grand Indonesia, 5th Floor Sky Bridge​, Jakarta Pusat
2.       City Walk Sudirman, Ground Floor, Jakarta Pusat
3.       Living World Alam Sutera, Ground Floor, BSD
4.       Supermal Karawaci, Ground Floor, Tangerang
5.       Gandaria City, 2nd Floor, Jakarta Selatan
6.       Central Park, Lower Ground, Jakarta Barat
7.       Kota Kasablanka,  2nd Floor, Jakarta Selatan 
Website :
Twitter : BonChon_ID
Facebook : BonChonIndonesia


  1. you hate kimchi?? i can't get enough of it! hahaha

  2. same here, i'm not that into kimchi!
    my fav burger is BOS.

  3. Bonchon is amazing. To the writer, you sound contradictory. You hate kimchi.. yet you want a kimchi burger? How's that going to work out?