Thursday, November 22, 2012

Roc N' Ron

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” I do really agree with this fabulous quote by Virginia Woolf. So, i never restrain myself from my voracious eating habit. That day, the rain was heavily dripped, the sky was dark and obscure, and occasionally sounds tight the rumble of thunder. The weather was unceasingly gloomy and made me felt cranky. I do really love rainy season yet ( sometimes ) hate it to the bones, it sort of love hate relationship. And yeah, the traffic was really testing my patience as a patient human being. Lets put aside the weather, and take a look of what Roc n Ron offered to carnivores. 

It is one fairly new restaurant specialized in serving baby back ribs. Inside was quite spacey, nicely decorated, surely it's not that fancy or arabesque but it's chic and gave a homey feeling in an instant. 

Without further ado, To quench my thirst and i was literally thirsty, i had Happy Ron (IDR 22.000) a weird and not so my liking blend of lime juice, soda, and vanilla ice cream. Tasted freakishly half-sour, vaguely sweet. Maybe "awkward" would fitly replace the happy word before ron. I even asked the others to tried it and all of them said it was weird and not enjoyable. 

At least this Lychee Delight (IDR 22.000) wasn't that bad and i could at least enjoyed every straws of it. It was a blend of orange juice, lemon juice with a hint of lychee syrup.

Classic Creamy Potato (IDR 45.000)
A bowl of pleasure, the soup was beautifully blended with the other components. Delicious and savory, one spoon and i didn't get enough of it. A little bit too salty but it was suit to my palette. Getting bored of mushroom soup? this could be an alternative. 

Spicy Chicken Wings (IDR 50.000)
Your everyday chicken wings coated in somewhat not so spicy, sweet and sticky sauce. To be brief, it was quite good and enjoyable but not special considering for quite steep price. 

Macho Nachos (IDR 55.000)
hmm, memorable name. A crunchy nachos sauteed with thick mayo and sweet flavored sauce. More, please?

Cheese Fingers (IDR 45.000)
I made a happy face during my bite. It was very good, a deep fried crunchy long shaped dough made from panir flour with not-so-melted mozzarella cheese inside. Totally enjoyable. I prefer to eat it without the sauce. Weird. 

Union Loaf (IDR 45.000)
An escalate structure of onion rings with sweet-sour sauce which reminds me of puyunghai sauce. Needed to be crunchier, the texture was limp.

Potato Skin with Ham (IDR 35.000)
Tasty, savory, and the ham appeared to be quite good but sour cream wasn't suitable for this plate.

While their specialties are ribs and steaks. These streaks of guilty pleasure couldn't be missed. 

Import Port Baby Back (4bones IDR 100.000) they also offered 8bones for IDR 180.000
A mouthwatering baby back grilled with BBQ sauce. The ribs were tender and finger-licking delicious. Needed to be marinated more.

Tenderloin Steak (IDR 150.000)
A medium cooked of a lump of imported meat with black pepper sauce and mashed potato. I have to mention this, I really love their mashed potato. Yes, it might be a little bit too salty but it was suit to my liking. The steak was juicy, tender and a little bit greasy. Not a top-notch one but still, it was worth to try.

Rib-Eye (IDR 135.000)
I prefer this rather than my tenderloin. Served with baked beans which i don't know why the baked beans was watery. Carnivores, you should munch this one.

And their Salmon was really good, i prefer if it wasn't too well done and inside was still pink. Nonetheless, it was one satiating and satisfying salmon cooked to perfection, served with wedges.

Again, it was one guilty night after gobbled those sinfully fatty yet delicious meals. Such a warm treats in rainy night. Too bad, looks like they didn't provided desserts. I didn't see any of them in the menu.

Their outdoor area to smoke cigarettes.
For those who lives nearby, don't hesitate to pay this newly born restaurant a visit. 

Roc N' Ron
Jl. Raya Taman Aries No. 3 , Meruya


  1. I guess the menu looks similar to tony roma's hehe
    you should try Smoking Joe's at Kuningan. They also got great foods like these :P

    1. yes , it similar.. but more affordable.
      ok. i put it on my list james. thankyou :)

  2. If Roc N' Ron is not the best resto selling porky ribs, do you have other recommendations? Liz