Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ginger Li

Kemang is known as one of hippest area in Jakarta. As if it's never sleep, an ever-changing area where new places mainly restaurants, bars or even clubs keep popping out after one another. These days, the clubs aren't that crowded and hip anymore. I visited Barcode about several weeks ago and it was nearly empty, unlike my very first time went there, it was so packed and stuffed. Therefore it is a paradise for a blogger such as myself yet i haven't explore it thoroughly. Ginger Li is a fine dining restaurant which is located at South of Kemang. An upper-class restaurant with refreshing atmosphere with catchy and soothing music, A Chinese restaurant mixed between Oriental-European. I love the qi-bao lady picture embedded on the wall. 

Firstly i knew about this restaurant from, they have an interesting lists of past experiences about culinary and hip places to go. I must say Ginger Li is one of the most sophisticated restaurant around Kemang. It isn't that huge but the ambiance is more pressuring ( in a good way ) than the neighboring venues. The sofas are dressed in maroon and dark wooden touches seems to dominating the place. A classy yet homey ambiance for wine aficionado tasters to spend their time and loose themselves. 

Anyway, my camera was dead before i took all of the pic. So, i used my friend's iphone to shot the other remaining pictures. So, I had Ginger Li Salad ( IDR 88.000 ) as the starter before the entree. It is a big portion of asian mix veggies with creamy dressing topped with fresh salmon. The others seemed to enjoyed this much. As for me, i wasn't amazed with this pricey salad. I must admit the salmon was fresh but it didn't beautifully blend with the other components. This one didn't gave an amazeballs.

Vinh Asparagus Soup ( IDR 45.000 )
It's a Chinese style asparagus soup with green broth and crab. The usual asparagus soup has natural yellow color while this one has green colored broth, Maybe, it is just maybe, the green colored was made from edamame. Edamame bean is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod, which commonly are found in the cuisines of Japan, China and Hawaii. The pods are boiled in water together with condiments, such as salt, and served whole. Occasionally they are steamed It tasted good, but i didn't finished a plate of it. It just didn't suit well to my liking. 

Hainan Lamb Shank ( IDR 110.000 )
Sniffed something good from afar ( not that far tho ) An appetizing braised New Zealand lamb shank was served on the table with beautiful color and tempting smell almost made me unconscious by gluttony finished the whole plate by my own. After those super impressions, i demand nothing less. The shank was well-marinated and the texture was perfect with their special sichuan sauce which it was really delicious with cripsy cashews, it was mind-blowing. The time was like stopped for a moment, i am so recommend it to the readers.

Ginger Li Kway Teow ( IDR 90.000 )
It's a plate of plat rice noodles cooked with choices between King Prawn of tender wagyu beef. It's quite rare to know an Asian cuisine cooked with wagyu beef. It was sweet, savory, it was cooked to perfection. The wagyu was good but i do think most of peoples wouldn't know it was wagyu if they didn't read the menu well. It was really good. I did enjoy every each bites of it. I gave 4,0 out of 5.

Broccoli with Assorted Mushroom ( IDR 55.000 )
This one didn't hit the spot, the broccoli texture was quite hard to munched, it lacked of those wow factors. They didn't brave about the seasonings. Tasted quite flat. To put it in a nutshell, it was boring.

For the dessert, i had a glass of Green Lantern ( IDR 35.000 ) and yes it wasn't choco melt that i've been longing. But, this one can't be underestimated. It tasted plain before i mixed them and squeezed the lime.After serious stirring process, it was surprisingly refreshing and succulent. Still, the shaved ice was tasteless.

Orange Juice ( IDR 25.000 )

Ice Lemon Tea ( IDR 25.000 )

Ginger Li Elixir ( IDR 35.000 )
A signature drink from Ginger Li. It is a mixture between Beetroot which is a main ingredient from Red Velvet cake, lemon juice, then a special syrup from Ginger Li. Personally, i love this drink. It was fragrant, not too sweet to cause a nausea and not too plain to state it tasteless. Quite refreshing but not so memorable.

Blueberry Creamy Cocktail ( IDR 85.000 )
A blend of absolute raspberry, Frangelico, Chambord, crean and blueberry fruit . Thanks to one of the waiter that noted me the compositions. Quite balance between the alcohol and the fruits. They also putted raisins in the glass ( not sure ) 

Red Queen ( IDR 135.000 )
I am not an expert of winery, i didn't asked what type of red wine they used but it was quite strong. With slices of apple, sunkist orange inside. I don't know, maybe you should try it by yourself. 

What's not to love from Ginger Li? They offered quite variant of menus and wide selections of wine and beverages. Also, their Lamb Shank is another reason why i gotta come back here as soon as i can. With easy listening music which doesn't make your ears bleed, cold air-con and comfy seats. It is surely a lovely place to chill out with lovely fellas. 

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 37
Jakarta Selatan
021 – 717912220
Twitter: @KissGingerLi

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