Friday, November 16, 2012

Churros? Go, Churreria

It's been awhile since my last visit to Sumarecon Mall, Waiting for Wreck-It Ralph, me and my high school friend looking around for snacks then we decided to had some churros! Maybe who isn't familiar with Churreria would ask, what is a churro? sometimes referred to as a Spanish Doughnut, is a fried-dough pastry, predominantly choux, based snack. As long as i know Churreria is the most famous chain Churros restaurant at Indonesia. Fell in love with churros since my very first bite at Grand Indonesia's outlet. And here's what we ordered. 

We had a glut portion of Churros Fiesta ( IDR 68.000 ) consists of 12pieces of churros with 4 dippings. There are 4types of dippings at Churreria, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel and it appeared dark chocolate came out as my winning dipping. I asked the waiter to separated the churros to 6-6. 6 sprinkled with sugar on top while the remaining 6 was sprinkled with cinnamon. I prefer the one sprinkled with cinnamon on it. Churros is, well. It's kinda hard to munch. I got tired from munching it but it was a pleasure in your mouth plus the dippings. The two of us finished all the 12churros on the plate while we were complaining about how full we were.

They provided a bell on the table. I must say it is efficient. You can use the bell for 3purposes. Bill, Order, and ...... i forgot. So, you don't need to raise your hand up in the sky or calling for the waiter or waitresses. Just press the bell then they will come to your seats. Yes, who doesn't love efficiency? :)

As for the drinks, we had a glass of Lychee Blizzard ( IDR 35.000 ) and Lemon Blush ( IDR 28.000 )

I had Lychee Blizzard, the name surely provoked my curiosity. It was a refreshing blend of lychee, lemon, and green apple. With a hint of mint. It was sweet-sour, a drink that surely will brighten your day. Well, tho i thought it would be light blue colored like bubble gum, since it was blizzard. I recommend it for those who had a bad day. 

This Lemon Blush was my friend's, it was pusillanimous. So sour! But, it was like a wake up call. Yes, it was really sour but in a good way. My friend said this drink neutralize the nauseated cause by too much sweets. 

For those who haven't try churros, go visit Churreria as soon as you can! Have a bite of this delicious Spanish doughnut. I've visited their very first outlet at Grand Indonesia, then had some churros at Central Park's outlet precisely when they had promo and after soft opening. And on Sumarecon they had a promo where the buyer who exceeded IDR 100.000 payment, got a piece of butter croissant. 

Churros, churros i never get enough of you. Wait for my next bites! 

Cafe Churreria Spanish Chocolateria

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall - Upper Ground #03A 
Ph: +62 21 23581805

Central Park | Tribeca Upper Ground unit 06
Ph: +62 21 29200117

Summarecon Mall Serpong 2
2nd Floor #211 Gading serpong - Tangerang 
Ph: +62 21 29310650

COMING SOON Mall Of Indonesia

Twitter : @CafeChurreria

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