Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fresh'n Your Day at BeetBeetle

Muara Karang is like a sacred place for Chinese peoples who loves to eat non-halal foods ( contain pork ) But, it is lack of hangout places like PIK, the haven of goodness which is located just a few km from it. So, here's BeetBeetle appeared as a rejuvenation for young peoples who lives nearby to enjoy Taiwanese snacks, Oriental-Western foods, or even grab a glass of beer. It is one teenage restaurant with cheerful concept. As i stepped inside, it was a minimalist not to mention fresh looking restaurant with homey ambiance. 

I was kinda hype when i saw the menu. The prices are so affordable and suit me, who's just an ordinary college student. Hopefully the foods wouldn't be disappointing. But who cares about the prices? Since this is another invitation from OpenRice and they were kindly invited my friends also. If you are curious how to get an invitation, click the link!

Firstly, i opened this quick met up with one of my old friend with their Taiwanese Snack which is a franchise from Chubby. Chubby is a chain Taiwanese Snacks where they firstly opened their outlet at Surabaya ( if i'm not mistaken ). If Shilin's popular menu is XXL Crispy chicken, Chubby's are dori fish, squid and chicken with flavored seasonings include mild spicy flavor, original, black pepper, or hot spicy. 

To be honest, i wasn't impressed with all of their Taiwanese snacks. They weren't crunchy, the meat was dry also i prefer if their seasonings were stronger. It cost (IDR 18.000) for chicken, (IDR 20.000) for Dori Fish, and (IDR 23.000) for squid. Plus, if i might add something, the portion wasn't generous like the usual Taiwanese snacks chain restaurants have.

As for the bubble drinks, my favorite was their green milk tea with egg pudding (IDR 17.000+3000) for one topping. They didn't offered us to set the sugar level, feeling sinfully fatty after drank some of their bubble teas. Nonetheless, it was quite refreshing. As for the chocolate flavor, i don't know i caught the hint of sweets between the chocolate. Added passion fruit popping boba, it was like firework in mouth. Their bubble teas ranged between (IDR 17.000-20.000). For bubble tea lovers, I am recommend it you to try these.

We took our time at their outdoor area which i must say it is a paradise for mosquitoes. They provided autan spray on the table but it didn't gave a big effect afterward. 

You better wear your long pants unless you wanna those mosquitoes sucked your fresh blood

I was satisfied with their Siomay (IDR 15.000)/portion which is made from prawn and pork ( non halal ) consists of 3pieces of siomay/portion. The density, the taste were just right. A very good start and i am so gonna come back for these delicious siomays.

Followed up by their Tomyum Fried Rice (IDR 38.000) quite generous of big prawns and tasted quite yum.. But, it was rather standard, plus as for me, the rice was a little bit mushy.

For spicy lovers, BeetBeetle also offered this Mongolian Chicken Rice (IDR 25.000) it is definitely one of my favorite. The chicken was quite tender and well-cooked. The flavor was quite strong and appealing. The presentation was simply provoked my appetite. For a mere 25k this deserves an applause. 

With a bowl of rice and chopsticks as my weapon, i had 2pieces of Chicken Teriyaki (IDR 32.000). It was thick and their teriyaki sauce was good and savory.

I've stated that i am not a fan of Carbonara, because the mixture between milk, cream and pasta isn't meant for me. I've tried BeetBeetles (IDR 30.000), and it appeared it was quite good. For carbonara fetish, this one may quench your crave. 

Although i don't like the creamy and milky textures from carbonara, i never said i don't like the fusion between beef and cream, right? so, here's Beef Stroganoff (IDR 40.000) a thick yet tender and delicate beef with creamy and milky sauce poured, This came out as my favorite after their Mongolian Chicken. Worth of trying!

Club Sandwich (IDR 25.000) Felt oily, the breads weren't crunchy. But the fillings were good also they gave a generous additional of french fries. 

I must say their Aglio Olio (IDR 30.000) was pretty good! Sorry for the photos, when i was going took a pic of it, it seems my friend almost finished it up. Seriously, the seasonings were top-notch, the spices, the pasta it was cooked al-dente. This one not inferior to those steep Italian specialty restaurants. 

Javanese Fried Noodle (IDR 30.000) what to say? my tummy was going to explode. I've tried a forkful of it. It was just okay. Nothing so special.

I was so full, my tummy was going to lose its control.

lovely place must be filled with lovely peoples, no? :) hahaha, kidding.

We stayed there for quite a long time, playing scrabble and cards. BeetBeetle is surely bring a fresh air to Muara Karang establishments. For a new venue which was started to established since October,12th, this restaurant already captivated attentions from peoples nearby. It was packed by teenagers. With affordable prices, Wide selections of foods, Good taste, and fast services. What's not to love from BeetBeetle? I am so sure, this isn't only our first and only meeting. I am so gonna definitely come back for their Mongolian Chicken, Aglio Olio and Beef Stroganoff and hopefully for the next visit, they already figure it out how to banish those disturbing mosquitoes at their outdoor area. 

Muara Karang Blok A-6 Selatan No.2
ph: (021) 66606963
      (021) 66606964
Jakarta Utara 14440
Twitter : @beetbeetle


  1. Waaaaaaaaa seems like a cozy spott..
    Gimme some recommended place pls cen :p

  2. I can't imagine a venue like this in Muara Karang until now. Where is it exactly? Where is this close to?

    1. Hey man, thanks for dropping by..
      Actually itu dr ikkousha ga jauh loh.. You cuma harus belok ke gang sebelah kiri nya and voila!! You got it.