Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Gallery

A long swanky entrance with artistic display and pictures ushering our walked to the main restaurant. The Gallery really suit this either all you can eat or ala carte restaurant which is unimaginably located at Ciputra Mall. But, this restaurant is a part of from their Ciputra Hotel not their mall. I was fascinated by their art collections including sculpture, carvings, and pictures. You can enjoy all the goodness from The Gallery from IDR 212.000 and good news! Every Wednesday they have buy 1 get 1 promo which you really should use this awesome opportunity to indulge youself with their foods, and i must say, their FLAWLESS service.The services were just perfect, really attentive, polite, wide knowledge about their foods and products. Undeniably one of the best in town, i guarantee.

This luxury dining restaurant is dominated with white & broken white colored furniture. It is surely a feast to the eyes. Without any further ado, let me share the foods here
Served cold. I love their fragrant beefs not to mention its satisfying taste to convinced myself that this place doesn't only sell place but also delightful foods.
A bowl of savory broccoli soup. Healthy starter
This one really satisfy me. Cubes of Balinese Beef. Perfectly cooked and seasoned. Just writing this review already making me drool.
It was similar with Roasted Beef that i had at Convivium. The similarity was almost couldn't be distinguished. Really really good. It was tender, juicy and fatty which i just love it. Just munching everything on this plate was making me happy. I am not exaggerating but that was i really felt. Followed up with those addictive chicken which i must say it was another pleasure in mouth. Don't be fooled with the picture that made those yummy, irresistible chickens looked rough. The meat was really soft and appetizing which was also well-marinated thoroughly. And how good it was, knowing it was an all you can eat.
Not sure about this, i didn't enjoy this. and i didn't know what is this. But those flakes were tasted liver. It's a pork liver which made this a non-halal food. This isn't just my plate. But, for pork aficionados out there might infatuated with this.
Vegetable fried rice with seafood satays consists of squid, fish, and prawn. Ah, perfect. They were perfectly cooked to perfection without flaws. And, beside the rice was fish which tasted good 

Actually, i also had a plate of aglio olio which i forgot to shot it. Their aglio olio was plain almost tasteless and you poured the oil olive by yourself to make sure the texture is suit to your liking. 

Not sure if we can drink these. Just a decoration.

There are always some spaces for desserts!

What i really love from their cheese based dessert, literally melted in mouth. Ah, those pleasure and happy feeling just by eating those delicious yet sinfully fattening desserts.

A small and soft textured eclair with milky fillings topped with fresh fruits

I had 2 glasses of this addictive Blueberry Pannacota. One spoon and i am hooked!

One word : Scrumptious!

The fun not end yet! Proud to say they have a really great chocolate cake that similar with Ugly Nutella i had at Black House .It was a chocolate cake fully based on chocolate. Not using flours. Heaven in your mouth. 

Chocolate ice cream customized by me. It may not look tempting but trust me I am good at this. The ice cream was quite thawed already which wasn't good.

Undoubtedly, I was having my quality self-pampered here. I was hooked and wanting for more, since it is near from my college, me and my friends will often or you can say routinely visit this restaurant every Wednesday. Since if it's not promo, i feel uneasy about paying 200k ++ for this. Not because they aren't worthy for it but because i am just a college student that needs a lot of money to buy clothes, hanging out and etc unless my parents willing to give me an extra fee. I am really really recommending you to visit The Gallery as soon as you can. 

Hotel Ciputra 
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Jakarta , Indonesia

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