Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kalaha at The Wharf

After a decade exploring the sea, Finally, i've found a restaurant depth inside a cavern named Remoire Cave. Ok, forget about it. Several weeks ago, i skipped class for whole day and ended up having a late dinner at Kalaha at The Wharf. By the time i was there, it was empty. Consider it as a luck for me, since i don't like taking pics when there's a lot of peoples around. Having a fast dinner made me feel like in the nest of pirates, with some nets attached as the foothold for the upper floor.

yes it was quite dark inside. carrying an unique concept which i think it's rare to see at Jakarta.

Firstly, i knew about this restaurant after reading a post from Full&Starving and i found it quite worth to be paid for visit. The waiter/esses wears an uniform looks like a pirate subordinate. We were already full back then, but for no reasons we keep ordered foods.

Like what i've stated in my early post ( which i forget, which is the post ) i am not a carbonara lover but it seems Kalaha successfully changed my point of view. Their carbonara pasta isn't too creamy so it didn't make me nauseated. It was well-seasoned with al dente pasta but too bad, the garlic bread which was putted on the plate was hard to bite and didn't taste that good.

I had this beef curry and quite surprise with the portion. It was big and looked appetizing. I am a curry man, i love curry. No matter if it's chicken, pork, or beef. I am an omnivore. The curry was quite good, i prefer if it was thicker and stronger in taste. Beside the curry, i love the rest . Oh! the rice wasn't fluffy like any other restaurants that serves curry rice. It was quite harsh. ( don't know if can use harsh for rice )

this was err, i totally forgot the name. But, it was edible of course just for the taste it wasn't that wow . Just okay. If i have to score it, i gave my 6 and a half fingers for this dish. The sauce was quite good. To be frank, i am not a fan of their mashed potato.
I had a big plate of beef curry rice here for 60k which i found it kinda worth for the portion and the taste was quite good and satisfying. With unique concept that rare to be found in Jakarta, it is another an additional point why you have to pay this place a visit. The services were nice and fast but the prices are quite steep ( around 60k ++ )  considering for the taste and the place it is woirth it.

Kalaha at The Wharf 
Ancol Beach City, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol 
Pantai Karnaval, LG #09, Jl. Lodan Timur, Ancol.
(021) 293881098
Facebook : Kalaha at The Wharf
Twitter: @kalaha_thewharf

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