Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dragon Court

When i'm on my craving phase and i haven't fulfill it, i feel awful for no reasons. These days, i crave for dimsum and finally, this Saturday i got an invitation from yes, those duo friends of mine to attend a gathering at Dragon Court which is located at Media Hotel, formerly known as Sheraton. It is an all you can eat restaurant with affordable price considering the foods you eat and the comfort place to stay linger long. 

the one that captivated my attention as i stepped inside.

beside dimsum, they also provide fried rice, every week they changed their fried rice flavor.
neat and comfy layout inside and with those dimsum, which hopefully can bright my day up.
After listening to a brief presentation from the representative, i started to grab my plate and look around. As for the drink, there are 3 types of tea : oolong, jasmine, and chrysanthemum.

Without to hold any longer, here what i had. 

These trio were my opening for my hungry belly. Firstly, i was like yeaay..... there was chicken feet served on the tables. But, i wasn't at home, i am a dirty chicken feet eater, But, i pushed myself to have some. It was good, it's easy to chew, mild, it was like my home cook chicken feet. The other two were fine but not that wow to babbled about. Just slightly above the standard. 

Then i continued with their fried rice, kocai tofu and the other two. Actually, i love their kocai tofu but it was too hard to bite, needed an extra energy to gobbled it. I love the spice given by the cayenne peppers and the prawn inside. No comments, these three were good, especially that spring roll look a like. 

Your daily spring roll with that crunch crunch sensation outside, the fillings were quite savory too. 

Quite good. Seriously, i'm being honest. They were all quite satisfying for me. But not that wow to cling on my mind. 

Nicely done with delicious sauce outside. Worth to try. 

My favorite among all the dimsum. It's crunch outside, appetizing, the contrast from the color was simply inviting, and the fillings were good, savory, and made me want to ate it and ate it again. 

Selections to accompany the porridge. The porridge itself was quite good, but a little bit plain. I wish it saltier than it was. Beside porridge, they also have mie kangkung to satisfy your hunger. Unfortunately, i didn't try their mie kangkung. 

Chicken bites in steam mode, at the first glance i was kinda scared to eat it. But, it turned good. 

I do think they serves good quality of dimsum and yes, it was quite tasty and satisfying. Considering to the price i'll pay in the future for merely almost 70k to enjoy all of these good stuffs. It's worth for second visit. 

Desserts : 

Flavored jellies, almond, chocolate, green tea, strawberry, and orange. I tried green tea and orange. Prefer the orange flavor since i could taste the orange and couldn't tasted the green tea over the green jelly. Where have you been, green tea? are you hiding from me? somewhere in the crowd~ 

Strawberry cheesecake. I prefer if the texture from the cake was a little bit smoother and melted in mouth. Nonetheless, it was good. I ate 2 pieces :)

their entrance. quite authentic , yes?
The 5th floor lobby
Had good times with them. Looking forward the next meeting. YAY.
Thanks a lot for Dragon Court for the nice hospitality, my belly gotten bigger after had a good Chinese meals here, and good chats. I have to say, the services were extremely good. Fast, friendly services and the workers wore a big smile on their face. Who haven't try this out, you gotta to save some times and enjoy your times here. 

Dragon Court
The Media Hotel & Towers
Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 3
Gunung Sahari, 10720
(021) 6263001

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