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Ciputra Mall or formerly known as Citraland is a mall which has stood for many years. It's like a spot for me who is a college student at nearby university to fill my belly after long, boring, and confiscating energy classes. Spotted a new Japanese restaurant opened at the 4th floor of Ciputra Mall named Torico. Is it good? I don't know about the good part since my very first try wasn't memorable, but it is quite affordable. Hopefully the 2nd visits turned out to be good. 

Russel colored touch is dominating the whole place along with the cashier desk, Russel is a color which often gives homey ambiance yet friendly to the sight. Unfortunately, the seats are hard and made me feel stiff by too long sitting there. Anyway, they use the self-service method which they provided some menu papers in every tables then you just have to tick your order. It reminds me of everywhere to be found Solaria.

those green trash bins are cute

that man seemed to enjoyed his dinner alone. So,call him maybe? *Carly Rae Jepsen Addict*
Ms.Tari, Public Relation of Torico was treating the attendants good. After a brief presentation from her, the foods started to filled our tables. She said, one of their specialties is ramen. From my past experience, i found it so-so. 

Opened by Gyu Tongue, it was good, sweet, and savory. It is a cow tongue, it wasn't chewy. The texture more like the beef itself.
Tokyo Fried Tofu, small chunks of crunchy tofu that covered with bread flour before fried. I wish it was a bit more salty.
Followed up by Gyu Niku Roll. Basically, it was a mushroom wrapped with beef topped with mayo. Kinda amazed the appetizers, none of them was disappointing. This one was good. Too bad,one portion merely consist of 3pieces rolls.
Fried Gyoza or maybe fried dumplings? because it tasted the same. The filling was good and quite savory.

Gyoza. I didn't try this one. It's a reverse from the fried gyoza.
It didn't strike my appetite. To be frank, this Soyu Ramen didn't impressed me. This bowl wasn't meant for me.
This Salmon Mayo Yaki was good. The salmon was well-cooked. The sauce was good and beautifully blended with the salmon. Personally,i still prefer the pink-colored meat salmon. This one tasted like tuna put in a good way.
Miso Ramen I had this one at my first visit. The broth was just standard. Noodles texture were slick but it was way better than soyu.
Gyu Tongue Ramen, so the broth has the mixture from kimchi. From all the served ramens. This one was quite good compared to the other two.
Chicken Katsu Don. I had this one too on my first visit. Chicken wrapped with eggs. Salty but i love salty foods, so it suited me.
Beef Teriyaki Don. Loved the crunch crunch from the veggies. The beef was quite well marinated with teriyaki sauce. I prefer their Donburis rather than ramens.
This simple Fried Rice is my winning dish for the night! It was so fragrant and appetizing. The good smell from the sprinkles of fried onions and the crunch given by the onions were so good. The fried rice itself was well-seasoned, savory, simply put : it was great. For the next visit i should stick with this delicioso Torico's fried rice. yum..

I must say i am not impressed by their ramens so far. But,their appetizers were beyond expectation. They don't serves much variants of drinks. I had their ocha and lemon tea. Overall, it's a nice place for nearby West-Jakartans or regular visitors of Ciputra Mall to enjoyed affordable Japanese meals. 
The price of their main courses are around 20k. and they have 15% discount for college students nearby. Just simply show your student card. 

With Mullie chan from My Fun Food Diary and her hubby plus Wanda from Full&Starving and her partner. Me? I am staying single! Put a ring on me , put a ring on me.

  Mall Ciputra 
 Lt.4 B-1, Jl. Arteri S. Parman, Grogol 
 (021) 5681536 
Twitter : @toricoresto

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