Monday, November 26, 2012

Spageddies : Monday Fever

I just hate when Sunday has come to its peak. Means i gotta face the boring routine as an ordinary college student, which i hope mine was a witch, vampire hunter or something. Facing a day full of idleness and lethargy. I decided to wreak my ire with an All You Can Eat ( AYCE ) package from Spageddies for IDR 85.000++ which is strategically located on the 4th floor of Senayan City. Actually, this is my very first visit since personally i am not a fan of Sency and the AYCE promo is too good to be miss.

What i can say? This is a pretty good deal, you just spend 85k then you can indulge yourself with Italian goods. So, basically they have a menu specifically for this promo and you can order anything and refilling it anytime you want and how many times you desire.

But, of course to play a game you need some rules, right? 
* No sharing is allowed
* Excessive leftovers will be charged
* Valid for dine-in only

And they are really smart playing the game, mostly the menus contained either cheese or tomatoes. Monotone selection and not much variations. Your tummy will be full in no time and feeling nauseated. As for the drink, your only choice is a plain ice tea.

The workers will welcome you as you stepped in, they were also attentive. But, when i asked one of the waiter to close the window because my friend couldn't stand the light, he said : " I can't , because it will be kinda hard again to open " I was like, okay... but couldn't you find at least a better reason? Actually the real reason why we asked the window to be close because the lights were disturbing. We couldn't took good pictures *sigh.

Opened with garlic bread. Quite good, crunchy but quite dense. Your standard good garlic bread.

Followed up with Aglio Olio. Consists of : beef bacon, shitake mushroom with a hunt of parsley and chili flakes. Quite enjoyable and fragrant, but the taste wasn't strong and bold enough, it was quite plain with wise texture. Not too dry, not too wet. Good.

The feeling when crunchiness combined with chewy mozzarella cheese could be found in a portion of Fried Mozzarella Triangle, triangle shapes of deep fried dough made from bread flour with mozzarella as its fillings.

A big bowl of penne sauteed with their tomato sauce with mincemeat. Again, it was lacking of seasoning.  Sorry if the picture doesn't tempting you.

Their Rotisserie Chicken came out as my favorite among all. It was a quarted chicken roasted over an open-wood fire with roasted red skin potatoes and seasoned Italian vegetable. It was soft and tender, enjoyable. Their potatoes were also good, well-seasoned. Again, sorry if the picture doesn't tempting you.

Italian is not an Italian if you haven't munch a pan of pizza, right? The two of use had 2 pan of pizzas. Margaritha pizza and the other one named Sambal Pedas Pizza which i forgot to take the pic and actually it wasn't that special. But, their margaritha was beyond my expectation. It was chewy, tasty, the dough texture was perfect. Wasn't too thick yet too thin, it was ideal. Ah, i finished all of it. Total i gobbled 10pizzas. My friend only ate two of them. Now, you wondering what made my stomach? haha.

Last but not least, I had something something chicken. I completely forgot. To be brief, it was enjoyable, quite savory and soaked in a bowl cheese soup. was it? but it really smelled like cheese

I do enjoy my stay, it is really really a good deal. My stomach was gonna to explode. I was feeling nauseated for quite a long time and went to toilet about 5times. The foods were decent and to be honest their desserts didn't look tempting, so i didn't bother to bought one.

It is worth to visit especially on Monday, grab their promo without second thoughts. So, see you again Spageddies? :)

Senayan City 4th FL, Jalan Asia Afrika
Jakarta Pusat, 10270 
Ph : 021-72781088 
Twitter :  @Spageddies_


  1. Spageddies is a nice place to go for lunch / dinner. The pasta are nice and it smelled good :D