Friday, November 2, 2012

Bobabits by Auntie Betsie

I know i am so yesterday just about to review this cool stuff right now. It's Bobabits one hip bubble store which is located at the heart of north Jakarta, PIK. Every month. new food stores just routinely popping out after one another. And there it is, Bobabits already catches the hearts of many Jakartans especially those who live nearby. 

Divided into 2 areas : Outdoor area for smoking which is stifling and dazzling during the day and mosquitos are regular customers during the night. So, for a better health and ease, i suggest you to enjoy the drinks and some of their snacks inside.

" Cute " was the first impression running in my mind when i stepped inside. A cute store with just a few seats inside while the interiors are dominated with white furniture all over the place. It is such a minimalist store with the x factor that keep attracting the customers to come over and over again. Rarely to see this place nearly empty. If it is, means they took away the orders. 

My very first experience wasn't that pleasant here, the drink wasn't my cup of tea or i did ordered the wrong drink. The tastes were awfully weird and not enjoyable. let's see, if this second attempt could change my view.

Creme Brulee with Milk Pudding as topping. The tea range starts from 19k - around 20k. And it cost 3k for one topping. This one is a unique ( or weird ) blend between the tea and the creme brulee flavor. It was sweet. I just love how they offered variants of unique flavors. Like provoking my curiosity to try the other drinks.
Red Velvet Tea with Nada de Coco as topping. Well, i think it's already the peak season where everyone should be sick enough of those red velvet and rainbow cakes thingy. But,i love red velvet, so i tried to bother this. Tasted like chocolate. Nonetheless it was really good and i simply enjoyed every suctions of this cup with chewable size of nata de coco. I prefer if the nata de coco was sweeter.
Choco Oreo with Milk Pudding. This one is surely mainstream. But,yes it was another sweet treat. I did enjoying Bobabits. It is proven back then i did ordered the wrong menu.. I definetly come back for another cup of their drinks.Too bad the cup just available in one size.
My friends are in love with Bobabits since the first time they tried it, and i was like the one who'll say " Bobabits isn't that good " but looks like i'll be on their side from now on. They provided jasmine - oolong tea for those who doesn't drink dairy.

such a l-o-v-e-l-y cupboard,yes? anyway, i think those things are for sell.
My conclusion is : Everyone/thing deserves a second chance. Maybe,the first wasn't satisfying and really made you down but, who knows at the next meeting it really turns you on :p

Ruko Crown Golf B2
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 91260337
Twitter : @bobabits

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