Monday, October 1, 2012

Jong Ga : A Warm Korean BBQ & Restaurant

I start the beginning of this month posts with wonderful start given by Jong Ga , a warm Korean restaurant which is located one the busiest city center , Hayam Wuruk. Jongga is standing in a one building together with Gandy Steak , it appears that the owners are brothers or something.

Jong Ga is an authentic Korean restaurant using their very own and secret food recipes dropped by their ancestors , carried by their descendants . Mr Yoon is a Korean who travels the world and published his own travelling book and a main chef in Jong Ga. He is like one of the humblest , greatest , modestest chef and world traveler i ever knew.

Before you entered Jong Ga , you will passed through a bakery and those cute decorations . I bought some of their bakeries to eat at home . I love theirs. It's quite traditional ( in a good way ). Reminds me of the bakeries that my aunt often made.

Their interiors are simple ,  mostly dominated by red and supported in light brown colored woods . It was quite spacious and giving a familiar and warm atmosphere toward the customers.

their dining tables , i felt like i was having a Chinese dinner celebration
After Chef Yoon gave us a brief explanation about their foods , one by one the foods served on our tables. Which is mean , yes . Another fattening time . I need to tell you that every additional menus are free at Jong Ga such as : Kimchi etc.

example of their additional
Humble Mr Yoon was cooking our meats .
Peo Opnen-Galbi 155k
He was cooking our Peo Opnen-Galbi , boneless beef rib roast worth 155k and yes , it is expensive but you gotta to taste it first before you complain about the price . It was one mighty beef that waggle my tongue , perfectly seasoned suit to my taste with tender and juicy beef that made me ask for more and more. It was addictive .

So Gui 100k ( Grilled sliced of beefs )
I must say their beef was perfectly seasoned and applied on this one too . It was another amazing Korean beef but still their Opnen-Galbi was my super favorite . I would favorited it hundred times if i could.

Dundubu-Jjigae 79k
Strong in a flavor this Korean soup filled by super soft yummy tofu and a bit of beefs. It was quite delicious . But i didn't finished this one . Too strong for me.

Dolsot Bimbimbap 70k
The left picture was the bimbimbap before mixed all over with the other ingredients while the right one was already mixed up with it other friends. Tasted good , i ate bimbimbap about several times . This is the best one i know but not my favorite . I prefer the light one where i still can feel the flavor without the overpowering taste but for you who fond of Korean bimbimbap . You gotta try this .

Japchae 95k
Sweet and tasty fried vermicelli . Everyone seemed to loved this , so did i . But i think it was too sweet . I wish it wasn't that sweet . Overall this is also very good . When i say good means it's good and of course according to my taste.

Saewoo Twigim 69k
5 Pretty tempuras with thick crispy rice noodle surrounded around the tempuras. It was like a volcano right? The tempuras themselves was crispy but tasted plain . It was only a good tempura . Nothing to special babbled about.

be careful it was very hott . Geran Cin ( steamed egg )
For me it was eggs in a hotpot , don't know . I didn't like it. Tasted just okay.

wohoow full by the foods.
And readers! This was hilarious!! After we finished our dinner , Chef Yoon and Jong Ga crews was dancing. They were all so fun and they gave flawless service . Yes you read it . F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S. It was warm and i felt like i was at home. Here's the pic :

See how cool they are?? Their warm service and great foods are reasons why i have to revisit Jong Ga pretty soon , and yes! We who attended this food tasting gathering by Openrice got 35% discount for our next coming and another yes because i got voucher given by Openrice for the first of five fastest live pic tweeting. See? That's a bunch of reasons why going back to Jong Ga is necessary .

I looked kinda different here and yes not in a good way . With the most amazing chef.

Phone: (021) 649-0253
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 73, Jakarta

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