Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Openrice gathering at Taiyo Sushi

Yesterday i woke up late , skipped my class and faced the traffic and the result wasn't that encouraging because i was late about 1hour ++ to attended openrice gathering which is held at Taiyo Sushi located at Pluit , North of Jakarta . Also because of my lateness some foods were gone already . *sniff

As i stepped inside , a waitress wore pink kimono greeted me and escorted me to openrice bloggers tables which was somewhat bit scary caused by the inconvenienced of being late . So i sat at the corner and looked most of the foods were already eaten out .

seriously lately the sun was piqued my patience , it was extremely hot and bright

the lady in kimono went away when i took this pic
The interior of Taiyo's is simple , dominated by light wooden colored furniture , and bright . The place itself was quite spacious . Their workers also nice and friendly , too bad they weren't that attentive . Yes , i was late and they saw me sat on my seat yet they didn't asked me what to drank although some of them were passing through my seat.

Chawan mushi 12k
This chawan mushi was nice , it was a steamed egg custard and on top it there was ( i don't know what its name since i am not familiar with Japanese restaurant ) but it was something i often sees in Naruto . This chawan mushi was served in a cute glass .

Kare Pasta 45k
I gulped when i saw this menu on the table . I was so hungry back then since i was in hurried and as a curry lover i really enjoyed it . It was creamy , quite strong curry , its fettucine was tasty , potatoes and carrots were well cooked . It was sweet and quite spicy but not enough for me . How i wish they made this kare pasta with higher level of spiciness . The portion wasn't satiated .

Tempura Maki 22k
To tell you the truth , i am not a sushi monster but when i ate it , it was good , i liked the floss and i didn't felt nauseated . Because there were times i ate sushi and i wanted to threw up , i didn't like the smell of the wasabi , their chillies and so on. But this wasn't . So i think Taiyo sushi is fit for me.

Aburi Mozarella Roll 56k
It was quite tempted in presentation , coated with crispy seaweed outside and filled with crabstick , salmon , mozzarella and floss . I couldn't tasted the mozzarella . But it was good.

So that's all what i ate and there were also spicy salmon fry and taiyo special roll which i couldn't tried . But i believe they tasted good .

you can see they prepare your sushi here.
I was having good times here , and this is my second times to join in gathering . Since i am still new and it just a month since i started writing . I am looking forward for another gathering and there i met some new friends . Thanks Openrice & Taiyo Sushi for having me and sorry for the late coming .

bloggers who came , nice to see y all :)

Taiyo Sushi,
Jl. Pluit Putera Raya No. 17
Jakarta Utara
Tel: 6631652


  1. Thank you for the review, Chendwoo. Dont be late for the next Openrice Gathering yaa. :p



    1. hi cicik.. iaa sorry ya . ampe ga enak hati loh .. next time ga telat lagi :p

      thankyou for comment :)