Friday, January 11, 2013

Beatrice Quarters

Beatrice Quarters is one cute restaurant located at Pantai Indah Kapuk. As i stepped in, the waiters and waitresses welcoming us and ushering us to the table. It's a date between me and my Senior High School friend after one fattening day at Bluegrass (review coming soon) The decorations were undeniably cute and chic. It wasn't that huge and spacey inside. There are just few seats inside and some at the outside. I was like transported to a girl's room with girly wallpaper and furniture. It was surely a feast to the eyes.

Our original plan was only to munched some desserts then go home. Guess what? we ordered heavy meals whereas we just ingested some heavy meals not long ago. Because the menu book is so cute and the menu looks so tempting. I can't stand it but to bought it instead just drooling over the pictures.

La nourriture du coeur means " Food from the heart" aw, isn't that sweet? Here are the sightings of our guilty pleasure.

Continental Chicken Fried Rice (IDR 35.000)
Came with generous portion of fried rice, quite big cut of roasted chicken and egg. It was good, well seasoned and everything on the plate was just right. It was also fragrant. Wasn't that special that i got to stand up and gave it an applause but it was enough to engrave a smile to my chubby cheek. For a mere IDR:35.000 it was really worth. The chicken itself was quite big and soft. For my very first visit, Beatrice Quarters surely gave one memorable dining experience.

Beatrice All Day Omelette (IDR:35.000)
A breakfast menu which ordered at night by my friend. I am not a big fan of breakfast menu, but i tried a few spoons. It was okay. The egg coated the smoked beef inside. Appeared it came with a cup of muffin. Sweet and quite enjoyable while the garlic breads was crunch but chewable and didn't tiring my mouth.

Illusion (IDR 20.000)
A sweet frozen blend from blueberry. Too cold at beginning but slowly the ice thawed but didn't changed the taste of the drink itself. Sweet and quite refreshing. Recommended.

Sweet Dreams (28.000)
Tasted like a mixture from banana and mango. I prefer Illusion rather than this one.

my companion of the day

It was surely a pretty memorable first visit for me. Beatrice Quarters surely have a wide menu variations and pretty affordable with homey ambiance strengthened by its cute interior and lovely theme. I just hoping they added some desserts menu soon to their menu. Because what i saw from the menu is only a bread topped with ice cream (honey toasts) Nonetheless, Beatrice Quarters is a good place to have good times with good companions.

Beatrice Quarters
Jl. Marina Ruko Crown blok B 26
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone : 081322157245
Website :
Facebook :

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