Friday, January 18, 2013

Olives House

My heart goes to Jakarta flood victims whose now struggling with shortage of foods materials, clothes and their houses drowned by the flood. These days, Jakarta has been washed by unceasing streaks of rains.I thank God for letting me through the day without any hardships. And today, me with my several friends from high school went to Sumarecon, since the route to Jakarta completely blocked and can't be bypassed because the water level has reached to the point where it couldn't be proceeded. 

I seriously hate this rainy season. I used to love when its raining but this just too much, many of my plans ruined by it. Committed to had an eating vengeance, i paid 4 restaurants a visit and while writing this review, i regret it, why i did that!? One of them is Olives House which is located at Downtown. This mostly American-Italian restaurant look fancy compared to the other competitors nearby but not as busy as the others. I gave it a try and i gotta give myself a good score for did it. 

I love its simple yet chic appearance and i think the lamps are pretty. It's quite huge inside filled with many seats. The services were very very good, one of their waiter could explained the menu very well and gave me some recommendations for their mocktails. And you know where the best part was? their mocktails merely ranged between 18k-20k. How friendly environmental was that? They have a wide menu selections, from Steaks&grills to Japanese's udon.

Fantasy Snow (IDR 18.000)
Upon seeing fantasy snow on their menu, i imagined it would be something snowy white but it turned out to be pinkish and more like to be brownish? oh well......... It was too sweet. Enough said.

Pesto Sauce Spaghetti (IDR 45.370)
It was smell good when it served on my table. And, it also tasted good! I love how their al-dente pasta beautifully blend with the pesto sauce. The portion was also quite fulfilling. My friend also enjoyed this. 

Rib Eye Steak (IDR 128.000)
It's one of their best sellers and yes, even if it's not best seller menu, i will order this every time i comes here. The very BEST PART is this menu had 40% discount on it! I must say i fell in love with their rib eye since the very first bite. It was tender and juicy while the mashed potato was really enjoyable and had a hint of cheese. I ordered medium and it came in a right medium version that i want. The meat was still pinkish and tempting plus the mushroom sauce was also good. You have to try this out!

Closed by their scrumptious Chocolate Melt (IDR 33.000)
I have to admit that i have a sort kind of fetish toward chocolate molten make, chocolate melt, whatever you named it. And, i was happy when i see they had this delicious dessert posted on their menu. It took about 15minutes till its ready. Got to be honest, its appearance gave me a doubt that this dessert would turned good. It was so good! Not too sweet, so, it wouldn't caused you a nausea. It was so good until i got confused, which one is better? this one or Negev's? Too bad, Negev's looked so much prettier and more convincing rather than this one. And, why they had to served this scrumpt chocolate melt with chocolate ice cream? it should be served with vanilla ice cream, isn't it?

Do we (just the two of us) enjoyed our early dinner? Absolutely yes! I didn't thought that it would turned out to be such a pleasing dinner experience. Good foods, friendly services and cozy place with soothing ambiance (maybe because by the time we got there, it was nearly empty) Nonetheless, i've marked this spot as one of my favorite place to go when i am around Serpong area. 

Olives House
Summarecon Mall Serpong, Down Town Walk DGF 17A
(021) 5460097 / (021) 5460112
Facebook : Olives House

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