Sunday, January 27, 2013

B-Side Wakai Cafe

This is a terribly late post around October. Yes, last year. That day after a stop from Downtown Bistro, I paid Plaza Indonesia a visit just to fulfill my longing to my all time favorite Yakult green tea from MyCha and spotted a new cafe (at that time) standing under the same roof with Japanese fashion's brand and connected to each other. I was tempted to tried their mochi simply because getting lost on Ivy's life. She praised their mochi as she wrote. Every paragraph as drugging me to really soon enjoy those petites.

Since this is a very late post of mine, i already lost the bills.

After a full strike eating at Downtown, i only ordered their Chewy Baked Mochi (IDR 24.000)
It's quite pricey for 3 petite mochis with not so much happening on the taste area. Actually, i am such an easy pleased foodie with easily adjusted palate. But, this one really couldn't satisfied me. They were quite hard to chew and my mouth got tired from those chewing activities. When i tore it up, their fillings didn't burst out like what Mrs.Ivy wrote on her blog. In fact, the fillings weren't rich at all. Scrimp. Easily forgettable but edible. So, yeah...

Closed by tasteless drink bear a lovely name. But, i forgot :p
Not enjoyable at all. Cold and tasteless.

What the hell was wrong on that day? I didn't enjoy their mochi nor beverage. I don't know what to love about beside their polite services and recycle looking restaurant with cozy ambiance. That was my very first time visit and never visits B-Side Wakai Cafe up until now. Maybe, i'll pay it a visit sometimes, to change my view about it. Anyway, their B-Side Wakai sells good looking shoes worth to have.

B-Side Wakai Cafe
Plaza Indonesia 4th flr Blok D06
Jl.Mh Thamrin Kav.28-30
+6221 29923907


  1. aah, so eager to visit this place!
    why don't you try the origami cake? as far as i know, it's one of their most wanted cake :9

    1. it was quite new by the time i got there so i got no clue about their specialties and my mind has been drugged by those tasty looking mochi!
      but, noted! gotta try their origami cake for my next visit :) thank you James.

  2. Aw :( sorry to hear about the mochi. It was weird since one of my friend happen to experience the same as u did. I shall go there and eat one more time to see whether it is good or just happen to be my luck that first time. :)

    1. yes, it was truly diabolical experience.................. hahaha kidd* not that much.. just disappointed.. i guess my luck isn't favorable like yours :(