Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bluegrass Bar & Grill

It was Friday and i was looking a place to indulge myself despite all the boredom because my bestie is on her trip to Bangkok for a whole month. So, i decided to made a reservation at Bluegrass a good looking restaurant strategically located just across Otel Lobby. It appeared that Bluegrass is under reconstruction or something. From afar, that fancy looking entrance of it didn't gave any signs. So, i got confuse a little bit. But, there we were, with hungry tummy looking something good to munch.

hang in there readers, a blogger such as myself also needs a narcissistic space.

Before the foods, i must say one of the waiter served us very well, wide knowledge about the products, polite and prompt services. Bluegrass has a bar that elongated from one side to the other. Their bold and strong looking interior and wooden flooring surely one fascinating sight. Actually, the last time i went here with some of my friends, this place is full by patrons and we didn't got a seat. So, do make a reservation on advance if you are going to spend your time here for Weekend.

The price weren't too expensive if you ask me. They have quite wide selections of menus.

Without further ado, let's take a look of what we had here.

BBQ Chicken (IDR:75.000)
Surprisingly came in a huge portion and dense texture. Its BBQ sauce marinated well to its core. So tempting, one bite and i was hooked. The chicken itself was tender and good. Roasted and grilled on an open fire basted with their special BBQ sauce. Satiating portion even for those who eats much. Just writing this review made me want another bites of it.

Stuffed Chicken Bluegrass Style (IDR:85.000)
Didn't expect it came in two sausages form. You know what? I was so full and bloated after gobbled this. Thick rolls with rich fillings inside. Cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and turkey bacon rolled in chicken thigh. One satisfying fattening meal.

Angel Hair Pasta with Jumbo Prawn (IDR:70.000)
Tossed in Cajun or aglio e olio style. Well seasoned, generous portion and as the menu state itself "Jumbo Prawn" the Prawn really came in a Jumbo size. They cooked their pasta to al dente and the pasta itself has the right level of firmness. Not too thick yet not too slim.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie (IDR:55.000)
Careful it's hot! You have to carefully eating it because its pan is hot. The pie was soooo goodddd.. As i munched it, i could the feel the warmness from the pie, the goodness from the chocolate and chips. They do served everything in a generous portion. Everything came in a big yet satiating portion and this dessert wasn't an exception. It might be too sweet for some but its definitely hit the spot of sweet tooth sufferer such as me. A scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top was beautifully blended with its overall sweetness by the chocolate and the crunchiness from the chips. It was heavenly good and i have to back as soon as possible to enjoy their delightful desserts but i don't have any desires to tried their rainbow cake since i am not a fan of colored cakes and stuffs.

Bluegrass Mocca Berry (IDR:95.000)
Couldn't taste the berry part in it. But certainly tasted liquor in it and it was quite hard for someone who occasionally drink this kind of stuffs. I don't know, but it didn't worked for me and so did my friend. So, we left it unfinished.

The Haka (IDR:40.000)
The waiter suggested me to tried this, he said it was very delightful. It was berries mixture with soda water. Didn't impressed with this one. Maybe because the shaved ices were too much and ruined its sweetness. Quite a turn off since this is one of their best sellers. No offense thou, just stating my opinion.

The Teaches of Peaches (IDR:40.000)
At last something fresh to drink. This one hit the spot after gobbling a streak of heavy meals. It was sweet and i could tasted the peaches inside the glass.

Cafe Latte (IDR:30.000)
Your daily good coffee latte.

And i had their french fries as side dish (forgot to take the pic) which is cost IDR:20.000 and i have to say it loud to everyone who read my blog, They have one of the best french fries all over the town. It was crispy. generous portion of it and the thick texture from the potato itself. plus it wasn't sluggish. One fine butter coated potato fries.

As for the sighting from the place itself, i am sorry i didn't took too much picture from the place. I was having a good time chit-chatting with my friends. I really enjoyed the foods but not so much for the beverages. All of their foods really came in a literally big and satiating portion with satisfying tastes. Especially their Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie is to die for. Really really good, i am not exaggerating. But, i do think they have to improve the beverages. Ah, and when will the reconstruction something something will be finished? since i want to take the picture from their fancy, grand looking entrance. 

Their BBM profile picture.. Beautiful shot.

Bluegrass bar & grill
Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum
Jl. HR Rasuna said, Kuningan
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29941660
BB pin : 27C8C272
Twitter :@BluegrassBnG
Opening hours: 11am - 1am (weekend until 2am)


  1. Aah, i haven't tried this until now. the chocolate pie looks so tempting. as far as i know, blugrass is the first one that got red velvet cake in jkt, if i'm not mistaken.

    gonna try it soon!

    1. Yes! You have to try their chocolate pie.. Super yum!
      Really? Because they are famous for their overrated rainbow cake.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. wow, kereeeeeeen. foto2nya bagus2.. ngeces tralala :)

  3. thank you so much cicikkkk :) i'm glad it made you drool!

  4. Actually some of their beverages are really good and worth to try. You should try their Indonesian Orchard (beverage) and baby back ribs. They are amazing :)

    1. hi dear anonymous, thanks for sharing! sorry for super late reply since i just got back.. i tried their baby back ribs also.. it was great!