Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SevenTo7 : A Brief Flight to Seventh Heaven

I never thought before that meat is fairly complicated until yesterday i listened about it from Ms.Martha, one of those business women who kindly share about her broad knowledge about meat. So, meat lovers.. you are now currently on the right channel. Located behind the majestic pillars of Sampoerna Building, this humble looking meat shop is quite occupied for luncheon. From Sampoerna to Pantai Indah Kapuk, they also has a branch at PIK area. Some of you might be wondering, why Seven to 7? it was originally operating from 7AM - 7PM. that's quite explained it, no?

They strictly maintained their products quality to ensure us the customers will go home with happy yet healthy tummy. Providing variant kinds of meats start from how the cows were raised, grass fed or organic. To you, wagyu hunters. They have class 4, 6, 9 wagyu meats. Beside wagyu, they also offered angus beef, US short rib boneless, Aus T-bone even the mightiest meat among all classes, the Matsuzaka beef. Oh my, i imagined it again how amazingly it tasted. 10 out of 10.

 I had this Ice Strawberry Blended (IDR 27.000) as a good companion. Sweet and creamy.

Since my last not so fond-able and edible mushroom soup experience in somewhere at Senopati area. I didn't even put much of my expectation to this Mushroom Soup (IDR 22.700). But, when i put a spoonful of it to my mouth. Oh my.. It was skyrocketing my appetite. So creamy, so tasty and rich with the right balance between sweet touch and savory note. And that day, i unconsciously built a high expectation for upcoming dishes. Definitely one of the best mushroom soups in town. 

Mix Sausages (IDR 59.700) with French fries and mix salad 
Their mix salad came with corn kernel and honey mustard dressing or balsamic dressing. I prefer their honey mustard dressing. While the balsamic dressing was way too tangy sour for me. The smaller sausages tasted smokier while the long one was less smoky. I love both of them. Meaty and perfectly seasoned. Again, they nailed it. So, which one do you prefer? small but smoky one or long but less smoky? *smirk. Ah, their mix salad was fresh and crunchy unfortunately i don't eat salad. On the other hand, their french fries was just okay. 

This Grilled Snapper / Snapper Steak (IDR 97.700) also came with as i've stated above standard french fries but this one turned out to be much better with an extra flavoring on it. I love how the fish was quite juicy inside with beautiful yellow-ish colored outside. Delicious and not smelly. 

I'm a quite big fan of patties, y know? And this patty convince me more why i should. Seven to 7's made from secondary cut, beef knuckles. As a patty lover, i confidently say their patty was at least made from 80-90% beef knuckles and other 10-20% was the flour. Easily crumbled Burger Patty (IDR 52.700) served with not so much of my favorite type mashed potato. The patty was seriously, seriously good strengthened with its delicious sauce. Hands down to the best patty i ever ate in my whole existence. Yes, you read it right. No wonder the price was quite pricey for a patty. 

This Lamb Chop isn't on the menu yet. I don't even know how much it worth but for me, it worth for quite an expensive tag. Perfectly marinated lamb chops with three choices of sauces. Blackpepper, mushroom or BBQ. My heart goes to their hot blackpepper sauce. I didn't smell anything funny from the lamb therefore i managed to enjoyed this soon to be launch dish with smile on my cheek. It was juicy, tender and top of that, it tasted really good. What's not to love?

Again, i was fascinated by their delicious foods and this one definitely on that awe-list. Don't you guys just agree with me how tempting their Chicken Steak (IDR 79.700) looks like? grilled chicken breast with french fries as its side dish. Marinated all the way to the bones. So tender yet so orgasmic. An outstanding chicken dish. I got my tastebuds spoiled really really well up till now and the best one isn't yet to come, readers. Bare with me. Hold on tight.

Who's up for delicious wagyu? This grade 6 Wagyu Beef from Seven to 7 priced at (IDR 107.000-157.700/100gr). The cheapest one is the sirloin and the most expensive is tenderloin while rib eye stuck in the middle. I fell in love, deeply with how they seasoned their foods that yummy. Seriously.. Thinly sliced grade 6 wagyu with exceptional taste. I even forgot, what's the purpose of diet?

Let me introduce you to the highest grade of beef. It's the almighty Matsuzaka Beef which is astonishingly expensive (IDR 317.700/100gr). To get the best satisfaction from eating meat, at least you have to eat it 400-500gr minimum. But, i can't complain since its worth every penny. I swear.. It's like a firework parade in my mouth. Just imagine those fats along with super juicy and tender matsuzaka beef in your mouth. Seasoned really really well, you must not put any sauces to it, you have to taste it at its best. Back then, i thought that wagyu is delicious enough but this super matsuzaka beef has taken me to another level of eating experience. I'm not exaggerating, really. It is just really that good. Heavenly delicious, a brief flight to seventh heaven, i suppose. (now, this is exaggerating but oh well..)

Just an average Mango Pudding (IDR 12.700) and tasted more like a mango essence rather than mango fruit. 

That soy sauce look a like liquid was kahlua which contained 4% of liquor. Kahlua itself made from a blend between liquor and coffee. Their brownies more like a crunchy type of brownies. I couldn't feel that chocolaty feeling when i supposedly ate a good chocolate dessert. I don't know why. On the bright side, a scoop of vanilla ice cream really close this dinner fabulously. Their vanilla ice cream was really good. Kahlua? i'm not that impressed though.

The Verdict :
Oh my gosh! I already ate super spicy and yummy fried rice at Killiney Coffee before then i ate these streaks of super delicious foods. If my tummy about to die, i bet it will be one glorious death. I never had any thoughts before this so called Seven To 7 meat shop offers that kind of high quality meats and superb taste. On the other hand, i do think their desserts desperately needs some additions. I went home happily with bloated tummy and some new knowledges about meat. Sometimes, the best feeling obtained by putting no expectations at all and at the end of the day, let them surprises you and made your day. 

Seven To 7
Sampoerna Strategic Square
Jl.Jend Sudirman Kav 45-46
LG #17 

Bukit Golf Mediterania 
Jl.Ruko Cordoba Blok G No 21-22
Pantai Indah Kapuk


  1. What's the purpose of diet? Definitely a hard question when you have that gorgeous wagyu served on the table. lol.

    1. True that!!! You have to try it loh.. Super enak yang matsuzaka

    2. Mauu haha tapi biasanya di PIK selalu ada yg lebih baru & menggoda gitu, jadi belom sempet" deh kesinii. ahahah

  2. Cepet bener reviewnya, and as always...nice pic, Cend. Liat aja bikin laper. Btw, link blog lu gw taruh di blog gw ya.. ;)

    1. hi lin! thank you linn... mean a lot for me! roger boss.. gw put your link juga ya :)

  3. By the way, Cend.... They use Tia Maria for the brownies.. its the same kind of liquor (Jamaican rum and coffee).. and the alcohol is 26.5%

    1. oops..... thanks for the correction! :)
      no wonder it felt too hard for a mere 4%

    2. Apa?! Jadi gw minum minuman beralkohol?!!! *syok terlambat*

    3. iaa lin itu alkohol .. gpp lah.. udh terlanjur masuk jugaa kan ke perut hahaha

  4. What a great post, copy paste and share your beautiful post to OpenRice.com perhaps? :-p

    1. haha.. i think i know la ini siapa.. thanksssss booooww..
      will do soon.. wait yaa :)