Friday, July 19, 2013

Cargo Bar & Lounge

Let me introduce you the newest additional around Pesanggerahan area, where it is begin to develop with rows of restaurants and any other culinary stations. Cargo is a bar, restaurant, a place to chill out on the sideline or after streaks of hectic routines. Sandwiched between relieve and cranky for the non-smokers, like me. Because this place is a full smoking area. Looking on the bright side, hey.. they have smoke filters which is quite effective, i must say. How about the food? Keep scrolling down, mate.

Consists of 3 floors where the 1st floor is the brightest while 2nd floor is slightly illuminated with super dim lightings. I haven't take a look on their 3rd floor though, so don't ask me. Cargo offers quite variant of foods from Indonesian to Italian, fresh juice to cocktails. To be honest, their foods surprised me a bit, it really exceeded my expectation. The interior is nothing new and fancy, i guess but their entrance is somewhat unique with eccentrically red colored garage look-a-like door. And, oh.. the walls on the 2nd floor successfully delivers that modern rustic ambiance.

The waiters are friendly but a bit slow. And last week, we decided to threw up a not-so-surprising birthday party for our friend. So, most of the photos will be our quality times together at Cargo.. Oops 

ps : because the lighting was too dark, i got to use flash to captured every single moments and foods below. Pardon for the not so tempting and inviting photos. 

And... sorry for spamming :P

the birthday boss! 


A blueberry cheesecake from The Cheesecake factory. Oh my God.... what a guilty pleasure especially when it was about 11.00PM .. double trouble.. But, it was worth the fat.. Super smooth blueberry cheesecake. Delicious.


I ordered and enjoyed this Meat Lover Pizza (IDR 54.000) by myself. Nah.. kidding, i shared 2 pieces with my friends and the rest digested by me, ofc. That happy moment was when i found out i got free Mango Flavored Beer as the companion and it worth something IDR 30+ on the menu. Such a mood booster, right?? The beer was sweet and didn't tasted like beer on top but slowly when it almost reached the bottom, the beer tasted stronger and stronger. I enjoyed it though. 

While, the rectangle shaped pizza tasted surprisingly yum with generous amount of toppings especially the cheese! Aroused my appetite because it smells really good. The dough was thin and crunchy while the toppings were quite heavy and fullfilling. I recommend this if you want to order one good snacking or main course dish for share. 

Oh almost forget... you'll get this refill welcome snack when you pay this place a visit. some kind of salty crunchy peanuts.

Anyway, i got surprise last week when i came to Cargo, the place was quite famous and packed with families who tagged their children along. But, most of the times the customers are teenagers.

What i love from Cargo is, they served their foods generously. For example their Fish & Chips (IDR 44.000) which consists of three thick cuts of fish fillets and a bucket of crispy french fries. Again, their fish & chips was delicious. It was crunchy and they slipped mozzarella cheese inside the fillets. And i could tasted it went really well. Fulfilling dish! 

Beside their Western foods, their Indonesian's such as fried rice was acceptable and decent. Sorry for the picture.. i know it doesn't look good but trust me, this Nasi Goreng Crazy (IDR 33.000) which consists of meatballs, sausages, chicken and egg. Tasted quite good with that good homemade fried rice sensation. Sweet, quite savory and spicy.. The spiciness might be enough for those who doesn't eat spicy food but it wasn't enough for me. I tried their Balacan fried rice before, it tasted bold and delicious. Suit to my palate really well. 

After Italian, Western, Indonesian.. now Japanese food. Their Beef Curry (IDR 35.000) if i'm not mistaken, not sure between chicken curry or beef curry but, oh well.. Cargo's visually look not so appetizing for me. As a curry lover, usually Japanese curry is more brown-ish colored while this one was yellow-ish and the picture looks a bit brown because i edited the lighting and it affected the curry color. It was quite good and satisfying but i need that kicking flavors from a curry and i didn't tasted it here. This curry was more like Indonesian type of homemade curry from my point of view. 

As a new establishment, they not yet doing some promotions to lift up their name, so.. i think not everyone knows about this restaurant and bar. My purpose writing this review because i think they do have good selections of foods menu and beverages. Tried their mocktail once, and it came in a quite big portion of mocktail. The service was a bit slow but really polite. I'm not feeling awkward or something when my several friends and me threw up a surprise party or enjoying our quality times here. So, i recommend this place for you. Non-smokers,please take a seat on the first floor. It is way more comfortable. 

Cargo Bar & Lounge
Jl.Pesanggerahan No.10E
Jakarta Barat
(021) 5808805
Tweet them : @cargobeer


  1. Wow you're so fast! Gw tinggal di daerah sini tp kok ga pernah liat ya.. ahahah

    1. i know why oh why lu kayaknya ga pernah liat.. soalnya bnr2 pintu masuk kayak pintu garasi warna merah dan ditutup gt. dr depan ga keliatan restaurant tp agak kayak tempat plus plus ya menurut gw pribadi.

      tapi kalo di daera pesanggerahan hrs dtg deh sekali sekali, ms daily nut
      okeee laaa makanan nya hahaha

  2. fish and chips looks really appetizing! I am living nearby, gonna give it a try soon! ;)

  3. looks great but who have full smoking area for restaurant? foods, drinks and pollution, yuck! also they don't even have website and can't seem to find their menus online...

    1. Loewy is a full smoking restaurant to take as an example..

      Yes.. They are still newborn baby and an independent one..