Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Egg Nest Bistro

Armed with a pair of headset playing Lana Del Rey songs continuously, a glass of little bland mango yoghurt and a book given by a friend, i was sitting in a bistro which precisely located at Oak Tree Urban Hotel waiting when the fasting time will be over, impatiently. Egg Nest Bistro looking modest and simple yet quite expensive at the same time with strong grey bitumen colored flooring, natural bird trinkets and bird's nest shaped lamp hanging on the ceiling giving this place a contemporary touch. 

Egg Nest itself somehow a name play from the owner Ms.Agnes. Beside Ala Carte menu, buffet is also available during fasting season. It will cost you IDR 100.000 and i think it's affordable though.

Tweet is quite trite these days. The spotlight goes to Instagram. Follow, upload, tag and get their free dessert. 

Mango Yakult drink i had earlier while reading this good read (i know i'm late reading it) still, better than never. no?
Not satisfied with earlier Mango Yoghurt (IDR 28.000) drink because it tasted bland almost tasteless to my tastebud and couldn't taste the yakult inside this drink. However, later on when i re-tried this drink, it was almost a magic happened there. This mango yoghurt became sweeter, stronger, a refreshing drink with exploding popping boba inside the glass. Maybe the man behind this drink was half asleep earlier on. Well.. Customer needs consistency.

Firstly, i appreciate how every main courses in this restaurant served with rosti, deep fried grated potatoes with bearnaise sauce as a good companion. Bearnaise itself made from white wine and non fat melted butter. Tried this once during my visit to Steakology. Bearnaise originally from France, a romantic sauce indeed :P
This Egg Nest Special Salad (IDR 58.000) was quite enjoyable with soft-boiled egg on top with a bit creamy spinach. The egg was run beautifully as i cut through it. 

For me, the spotlight wasn't on the salmon, but the teriyaki sauce instead. Served with another rosti and rice. The salmon was quite good, if you ask me. It was simply gorgeous, sweet savory and quite thick sauce. Still, as an overall wasn't that good to bragged about. Next..

Definitely my favorite dish, Sirloin Steak with Chialapin Sauce (IDR 180.000) was my night maker. I thought it was tenderloin since it was so tender. But, let me give the chef a credit for making the mashed potato looking good although the taste was just okay. Grilled Australian beef cooked to perfection. Juicy and tender, a pleasure to tastebuds while their chialapin sauce dominantly made from onions and another ingredients. Similar to rattlesnake sauce i enjoyed at Steakology , a fingerlicking delicious sauce. 

Butter Roasted White Snapper (IDR 88.000)
Ah.. don't you love how the mashed potato being presented on the plate? tried a bite.. Mediterranean type of dish you might grow fond of. A bit tough white snapper with hara sauce, a mixture from mint leaves, paprika, coriander and lastly tomato sauce. Hopefully they will cook the fish more tender in the future. 

Say hello to this beauty petite.. 

I love what i put in my mouth, a brilliant dessert with no doubt. This Panna Cotta (IDR 48.000) a bit unique comparing to the other pannacottas i ever had before. Egg Nest's solid looking panna cotta gave one solid impression about how good this was. A very milky tasted panna cotta thickened by gelatin and strong intervention from the vanilla. That reddish Melba sauce tasted balance with a bit bitter taste and sweet note. My picture may not tempt you but, believe it tasted so good.

As a sweet-toothed sufferer, streaks of heavenly desserts won't bored me. Another yummy dessert has arrived. This Nested Pavlova (IDR 48.000) was quite unique, i think you won't find this kind of dessert easily in restaurants. Stacked meringues with berry chantilly cream fillings and berries on top. Meringue has a crispy texture and slowly melted in your mouth, just like cotton candy. Like they said, they are always rooms for desserts. Can't agree more.

Unfortunately, this very chocolaty dessert was a turned down Chocolate Parfait Merry-Go-Round (IDR 58.000) To be honest, the chocolate sauce which poured all over it was so good with not too sweet taste so it won't make you nauseated but... the base was so so so tough.. like seriously.. I tried to break it down as hard as i could and it was literally jumped off from the plate, a sort of embarrassing moment. Normal people would give up stumbled upon this hard rock dessert. Nonetheless, the sauce was simply a bliss. Topped with 3 scoops of Ferrero Rocher ice creams, what's not to love? except the base.. Oh my .. 

Curious George a refreshing drink made from mixture of lychee, banana, orange and yoghurt. The mixtures were my favorite fruits, how could i resist it? 

I'm thinking while writing this review, how come the base of that delicious chocolate dessert could be that tough? seriously.. My very first time made a dessert did a freefall from its plate. In my honest opinion, they have quite good selections of main courses and desserts. That panna cotta is to die for. Ah, and please do a serious improvement in consistency. Yes, i'm pointing out my dramatically alteration mango yakult. Simply put, Egg Nest Bistro worth a visit. And for those who's up to challenge, they have super spicy chicken wings challenge just for you. You have to finished up those freakinly spicy chicken wings without time limits and get the prize worth of your suffering. Don't ask me about the prize, i have no clue. Dare to try?

Egg Nest Bistro
Jl.Sampit 5 No.3, Kebayoran Baru
(021) 72780828
Tweet them : @EggnestBistro


  1. Drooling jungkir balik liat Egg Nest Special Salad + Sirloinnya!
    Eh, meskipun gw udah diceritain kejadian potong dessert itu, ttp aja gw ketawa lagi pas baca, Cend.. LOL!

    1. hiii jooooo.. thanks for dropping by hahaha
      iaaa omg.. keras banget ga boong deh..
      abis balik lburan, lunch breng ya di A

  2. Love the rosti bowl, and I agree, that's one good looking mashed potato!

    1. IKR! :)

      Thanks for dropping by, irene!