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YummThai : Everyday Thai your Way

Thailand, one familiar name scattered across the world mostly known for its cultural diversity, exotic beauty islands, tourist attractions and recreation, and you can't missed this one.. yes, the cuisine. Even in a wide range of foreign countries, Thai cuisine has positioned itself lined in the world most anticipation cuisine. Emerging Thai restaurants along with the enthusiasm from its lovers is the most tangible evidence in this case and you can't let through the name of Indonesia from this rapidly growing Thai cuisine.

Again, around Senopati.. another restaurant has popped out just beside a restaurant with bad foods started with capital Y. But, this Thailand restaurant which also started with Y is definitely a refreshing additional among mostly Italian-Western establishments which dominates the area. Say hello to YummThai, a humble Thailand restaurant with "Every Day Thai Your Way" concept. Most of the Thai restaurants here in Jakarta located in middle to upper class locations that makes you have to spruce yourself just to enjoy a plate or two plates of Thai cuisine but here, at YummThai... you just have to bring yourself, sit beautifully on the chair, order, and wait for your pleasure to be served. It's a very casual restaurant with warm and homey ambiance.

A few weeks ago surely was a good day for me. I redeem my price from one of the coolest culinary website and got the opportunity to get know Thailand more closely. It was a gathering at YummThai which ended up splashy thanks to the cool owners. I appreciate how they prepared themselves to made the gathering into a fun and memorable event. They prepared the games and even quite huge amount of vouchers to be shared and with expiration date, of course. Meh... and at the end of the day, i didn't get to enjoy my winning vouchers.. quite sad indeed.

ps : sorry for downgraded quality pictures. my camera was still in repair back then.

These trio were the appetizers. deep fried foods are my favorite and if you ask me, which one is your favorite? i would say, i love all of them. the first one was the fishcakes, it was quite good but not so special. The second coming was spring rolls. Have you guys ever wonder, why those crunchy dough with mostly vegetables stuffing known as spring rolls? Well, a simple riddle for you, readers :) Last but not least from the trio was.. i forgot the name (sorry, i can't help it.. it is a postpone post since last month) but, it was the most satisfying according to my palate. It was so crunchy the way i love it stuffed with shrimp. Man, i miss this.

As a big eater (literally talking about my size and portions) my eyes were in like a shimmering mode when i saw they do serves their food in quite monstrous portion. Too bad, i just tried a forkful of it. This Seafood Pad Thai was yum! I appreciate how they served such a generous portion and prawns in it. Sweet, salty, spicy all merged beautifully in one dish. For merely (IDR 44.500) this is definitely a happy bomb. They nailed it.

ps: if you order this during your visit to YummThai please do not hesitate to order a bowl of rice as your companion. For some, this Beef Green Curry (IDR 49.500) might be too powerful but for me, it was still quite a blow on the taste area. But, the curry tasted so rich.. a delicious heart-warming food. Unfortunately, the beef was a bit too tough to chew.

Clear chicken broth, well-cooked chicken.. tried a bit of it. tasted quite good.

In a mood for a satiating healthy food? This Seafood Vermicelli (IDR 44.500) is might be the answer. They used some specific herbs inside. Quite appealing, i must say. I think this is the right definition between you gonna love it or leave it. Your call. But, for me. I love it. It tasted quite weird at first but slowly i enjoyed this after forkful by forkful. Again, i appreciate how they generously put the prawns, squids and fish fillet inside. Big portion!

You know, readers.. Every countries' fried rice has their own thew. For example, the differences between Javanese fried rice and Chinese fried rice. But, what about Thai? mostly known by serving two famous types of fried rice. Tom yum fried rice or pineapple fried rice. I tasted Yummthai's Pineapple Fried Rice (IDR 39.500) and it was good. The blend of flavors in one dish. Too bad, the rice was a bit too mushy back then. Not savory for my palate. Nonetheless, it was a quite delicious fried rice and the portion was a bomb. So big! Even for me, i think it was a supposedly share portion but Yummthai has their own way. This is the way they serves fried rice. Big portion of foods for big heart restaurant (can i use big heart for restaurant?)

Yes, it is the most famous Thailand dish.. Mango Sticky Rice (IDR 23.500) The cream was made from coconut, mascarpone and sweet coconut. According to one of the owners, the mango should be an orange colored mango not yellow-ish. But, it is hard to find that kind of mangoes here. But, who cares about that? Since this mango sticky rice was tasted so good! Don't compare it with originally made in Thailand, okay? It's quite rare to enjoy this kind of so Thailand dessert at Jakarta. Thumbs up. I love it and i want it, like.. right now?

And, here.. what clearly distinguished YummThai with any other Thailand restaurant ever established in Jakarta. You will never find this except in YummThai. This food remind me of Kue Ape (but everyone calls it Kue Tete) This Crispy Coconut Pancake (IDR 18.000) share some good memories with the owners. There's a story why they have to put this food on the menu. When i tried it. Oh man! It was way way better than kue tete. It was more than that. This one is on another level. It was fragrant, it was sweet and crispy, i love the fillings. And, i hope someday there will be abang-abang version of this.

Coconut Pudding (IDR 38.000) not just your ordinary everyday coconut. They used Thai coconut to made this authentic Thailand dessert. I know it's quite big but i don't want to share :P Thailand's coconut has a rough peel yet aromatic. Made a 100% from pure coconut. What's not to love? So refreshing and my sweet-toothed was pleased by this.

When i look at my blog, i know it's been a while since my last post. Poor blog, have been deserted for quite a long time. Please, do not hesitate to visit this homey Thailand restaurant when you're around Senopati area. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Can i use my expired vouchers? by the way.. oh well.. poor me

Jalan Senopati No.66
(just beside Collete Lola)
(021) 7261162

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